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Michael Tobin OBE previews Data Centre World Virtual 2021

Michael Tobin OBE is a serial technology entrepreneur & pioneer with over 30 years experience in the telecoms & technology sector, including serving as the CEO of operator Telecity. Ahead of Data Centre World’s upcoming virtual event, taking place 7-8 July, Michael busts some myths about the energy footprint of the data centre sector. Michael’s… Read More

‘We Connect.’ The Journey of Innovation Around the World in 300 Minutes – Live Webinar Event – 16th June 2021

‘We Connect.’ Journey of Innovation – Offers free live sessions on the latest trends in Network and Industrial Electrical Infrastructure and innovation’s role in sustainability Streamed live from 5 Panduit locations – Around the world in 300 Minutes Roundtable moderated by DataCenterDynamics and in depth live interviews Plenary sessions and regional breakouts in Panduit Customer… Read More

Why going ‘green‘ is crucial to all data centre operations

With climate change being such a hot topic, operators are now quickly realising that there is an urgent need to increase the energy efficiency of data centres and reduce their environmental impact. However, a balance must be maintained between complexity of implementation, costs, and overall energy efficiency.

Commercial underwater data centre to launch this year

Following the successful deployment and retrieval of a prototype, Beijing Highlander has announced that they will build the first commercial underwater data centre. It will comprise 100 separate vessels and after construction, and be operated by ISP Beijing Sinnet.

Microsoft’s Azure Arc introduces new features for enterprises

Launched two years ago, Azure Arc is now set to see a raft of new services, including Azure App Service, Functions, Logic Apps, API Management, and Event Grid, become Arc-enabled (in preview form).

The evolution of mission-critical digital servicing models

With increasing demands for mission-critical system reliability, prevention of data centre and edge computing downtime is far better than a reactive cure. Anticipating that an outage or power event could happen at any time, and taking steps to minimise the likelihood of disruption, is of course preferable to dealing with any potential problems after they have arisen, but what steps can operators take in the quest to mitigate downtime?

The Top 10 DevOps Metrics: How To Measure What Matters – Part Two

Five more ways to measure what happens across the development process, and how this insight can improve outcomes.

Netwise to launch East London data centre in July

Netwise, a colocation services provider headquartered in London, is set to launch a new facility in July 2021. The new data centre will be located in East London, with dark fibre connection provided by Zayo.

DevOps helped software teams release code twice as fast last year

The past year has seen many seismic changes happen in the world of technology and work, due to the ongoing pandemic. But developers have taken this disruption in their stride and are utilising cutting-edge technologies to rapidly improve how they work.

Zero Trust – Only An Option For Large Organisations?

Wendy Ng, Cloud Security Architect Lead at OneWeb, tackles our Zero Trust questions ahead of Cloud & Cyber Security Expo’s Zero Trust Interactive Forum.

DCW Virtual: Emma Fryer – Is The Data Centre’s Water Problem Being Ignored?

mma Fryer is a data centre expert and associate director at UK trade body TechUK.

Ahead of her appearance at Data Centre World Virtual, we asked her five questions related to data centre sustainability.

How to Select the Right Cybersecurity Career Path

Those doing these early cybersecurity jobs ended up knowing a bit about everything and evolved into generalists. Since then, with so many new avenues of technology, most of these generalists either specialised or went into management. New recruits don’t have time to acquire the historical knowledge of generalists

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