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DC Optimisation – Collaboration Without Constraint

Jeff Safovich, head of product and innovation at automated infrastructure specialist RiT Tech, on why integration – not isolation – is integral to data centre optimisation.

Microservices in the Cloud-Native Era

For improved software development, monitoring, functionality, and speed – it is a must to adopt a microservices architecture. 

OVHcloud announces compensation for customers impacted by March fire

OVHcloud, a leading non-hyperscale provider of data centre services, has been hard at work making repairs following the fire that destroyed a data centre in Strasbourg last month, bringing power and services back online and making plans to accommodate customers affected by the fire.

Soaring enterprise ML investments: What you need to know

Don’t make the mistake of thinking AI/ML doesn’t apply to you or your industry. Doing so would mean missing out on potentially massive strategic opportunities, from new or growing revenue streams to increased efficiencies throughout your business operations.

Facebook response to data breach ‘cold and defensive’

Facebook has defended its security following its latest data security breach, but has been criticised for failing to apologise to users.

In recent days it has emerged that personal data linked to more than 500 million Facebook accounts had been posted freely on a hacking forum, including data from about 11 million UK users.

Apple backs more data transparency as it readies new privacy tool

App users should have transparency and control over how their data is used, Apple’s head of privacy has said, as the tech giant prepares to roll out a major new privacy tool.

The Unstoppable Rise of Snowflake

In the almost seven years since Snowflake publicly launched, this software firm has changed the status quo in its industry and skillfully competed with long-standing incumbents.

US Supreme Court backs Google in copyright battle with Oracle

The US Supreme Court has sided with Google in an eight billion dollar (£5.7bn) copyright dispute with Oracle over the internet company’s creation of the Android operating system used on most smartphones worldwide.

Looking out for cybercriminals’ latest tricks this April Fool’s Day

No one wants to suffer the consequences of a serious cyber-attack. But the challenge of identifying advanced phishing threats is increasing. Businesses must respond with urgency to avoid being fooled.

CTO Interview – Sectigo’s Jason Soroko on the Future of Digital Identity

In this Q&A, we talk with Jason Soroko from SSL447, a managed cybersecurity services company recently acquired by Sectigo. Soroko explains the importance of Public Key Infrastructure to Digital Identity and its centrality to Zero Trust Architecture. 

Cyber attack leaves London pupils without email access

A ransomware attack has left 37,000 pupils in London and the South East of England without access to email.

The Harris Federation, which is based in Croydon and operates 48 primary and secondary academies, reported the crippling attack over the weekend. 

Leader Talks: Ignacio Velilla, Managing Director, Equinix Spain

We spoke with the Managing Director for Spain, Ignacio Velilla about the impact of coronavirus and the plans Equinix has the for Spanish market.