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Tech Week Singapore Reveals New Summit for Data and AI Leaders
Tech Week Singapore, an award-winning event by CloserStill Media, has unveiled Data & AI Leaders’ Summit, a new invite-only event for data, analytics, and AI professionals taking place at Marina Bay Sands on 27 April 2023. Singapore has a goal to become a big data hub and world leader in AI adoption. However, recent statistics... Read More

‘Public web data presents new area of growth’ says Oxylabs CCO, Tomas Montvilas
Tomas Montvilas, the Chief Commercial Officer at Oxylabs, shares his thoughts on how eCommerce businesses can harness web scraping, AI and ML to enhance their business. Tomas will join Big Data & AI World on 8-9 March at ExCeL London to further explore how using real-time public data can deliver competitive advantages in eCommerce. >... Read More

Cleaning the big dirty data problem with The Classification Guru’s Susan Walsh
Ahead of Tech Show London, Techerati spoke with Susan Walsh, Founder and MD of The Classification Guru Ltd, about the detrimental effects of having dirty data. Susan will appear at Big Data & AI World 2023 to share more on how to clean your data, the importance of data accuracy, and making sure your data has its... Read More

How big data analytics improves customer experience
Since the widespread implementation of big data analytics tools at companies across the world, few business functions have been left unaffected. One of the key areas where big data analytics has made the most impact is in improving the customer experience, in part due to its ability to harness customer data extremely effectively. What is... Read More

The difference between Decision Intelligence and Business Intelligence
As decision intelligence and business intelligence are increasing in adoption, it is important to make sure you know the difference between the two approaches to business information management and data analysis. What is the difference between Decision Intelligence and Business Intelligence? Businesses across the world are increasingly looking to benefit from the implementation of decision... Read More

Meta gaming AI can beat you at Diplomacy using natural language
Meta has developed a board game-playing AI that can beat humans at Diplomacy, a strategy game requiring negotiation and conversation. The AI named CICERO was built by Facebook's parent company to learn how to play the game through trial and error without human players knowing they are negotiating with a machine. To play the game,... Read More

Start-up Sightfull raises $18 million for product development, expansion

Founded by Noam Liran and Alex Litvak in 2020 to improve how business data can be analysed, San Francisco and Tel Avi-based Sightfull has just announced an $18 million series A funding round.

UK Home Office agrees deal with US on biometric data sharing

Patrick Breyer, a member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), reported that an “informal meeting” had recently taken place between representatives of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and LIBE, where the reintroduction of visa requirements was threatening to “force EU Member States to grant access to biometric databases.”

Qlik announces partnership with games giant SEGA to drive data analytics

Since the advent of online and mobile gaming, the video games industry has changed massively. Iconic firm SEGA has heavily invested in advanced technological tools that enable the enterprise to gain more accurate and comprehensive insights from gamers. Offering real-time data integration and analytics solutions, Qlik and its Qlik Sense service, are now being used… Read More

Business intelligence firm Pyramid Analytics raises $120 million for expansion

In a Series E funding round led by H.I.G. Growth Partners, business intelligence and analytics firm Pyramid Analytics raised $120 million. Pyramid Analytics calls itself a ‘decision intelligence’ platform, which it says is the next major innovation in analytics that will accelerate data-driven transformation. By leveraging the potential of AI tools to automate elements of… Read More

Which groups are rendered invisible in health data? 

The ongoing pandemic has turned healthcare data from a niche subject to one of national importance.

The pandemic’s most popular sustainability apps 

The desire to be more sustainable in our daily lives is not a new phenomenon. But evidence shows that UK consumers embraced sustainability more than ever over the last two years.