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The Most Critical Material of All

In this feature, Astrid Wynne, Head of Public Sector and Sustainability at Techbuyer, and Chair of the DCA Sustainability Special Interest Group, discusses the impact of the US-China tech trade... Read More

From Print to Pixels: Isabelle Kemlin’s Take on the Printing Press, the Telegraph, and Magnifying Lenses

As the eagerly anticipated Data Centre World approaches on 22-23 May at Messe Frankfurt, we had the pleasure of speaking with Isabelle Kemlin, Business and Innovation Executive at RISE Research... Read More

Shifting Perspectives: Deborah Andrews on Sustainable Design and Innovation

As we prepare for the upcoming Data Centre World taking place as part of Tech Show Frankfurt on 22-23 May, we had the privilege of engaging in a discussion with... Read More

Revolutionising Data Centres: Babak Falsafi’s Quest for Efficiency and Sustainability

Ahead of the Data Centre World event at Messe Frankfurt on 22-23 May, we had the pleasure of conversing with Babak Falsafi, President of the Swiss Data Centre Efficiency Association... Read More

Sustainability Spotlight: Susanna Kass’ Trailblazing Approach to Data Centre Operations

In anticipation of Data Centre World on 22-23 May as part of Tech Show Frankfurt, we had the honour of speaking with Susanna Kass, Data Centre Advisor for the United... Read More

The Importance of Exterior Design in the Data Centre

The evolution of data centre design has, to date, been focused on optimising the inside of these facilities. This includes adapting to innovations in efficiency and cooling, as well as... Read More

Data Centre Titans: Shane Kilfoil on Leading the Charge in Data Centre Cooling Innovation and Sustainability

In the tenth edition of Data Centre Titans, we feature Shane Kilfoil, President of Subzero Engineering for Senneca Holdings. Shane shares his career journey in the data centre industry and... Read More

Reshaping the Data Centre Narrative: Schneider Electric’s Mark Yeeles Champions a Sustainable and Inclusive Future

During the buzz of Data Centre World 2024, we spoke to Mark Yeeles of Schneider Electric following his panel ‘Reshaping the Industry Narrative: From Toxic Dumps to Climate Change Champion,... Read More

Data Centre Titans: Marc Garner’s Journey From Toy Sales to Powering Data Centres at Schneider Electric

In the ninth edition of Data Centre Titans, we hear from Marc Garner, Senior Vice President of the Secure Power Division at Schneider Electric Europe. He shared his unique path... Read More

A Day in the Life of a UPS Engineer: Tackling Emergencies and Ensuring Site Safety

An Interrupted family breakfast, is all a day in the life of UPS Engineer Sid Miah, Senior Engineer, CENTIEL as he talks about a recent emergency call out which highlights... Read More

Sustainability and Stewardship: David Gyulnazaryan’s Journey in the Data Centre Industry

In the wake of a global pandemic that reshaped the world, independent data centre consultant David Gyulnazaryan, found unprecedented opportunities to redefine his career and contribute to the data centre... Read More

Data Centre Titans: From Dot-Com to Data Centres with Derek Webster

In the eighth edition of Data Centre Titans, we hear from data centre consultant Derek Webster. Derek reflects on his journey from the early days of navigating the ‘wild west’ of... Read More

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