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Microsoft’s Azure Arc introduces new features for enterprises

Written by Wed 26 May 2021

Microsoft claims new implementation will give customers more control over K8s

Launched two years ago, Azure Arc is now set to see a raft of new services, including Azure App Service, Functions, Logic Apps, API Management, and Event Grid, become Arc-enabled (in preview form). Announced recently at the virtual Build 2021 event, these features will be able to run on any CNCF-conformant Kubernetes cluster through the Azure Arc multi-cloud service.

According to Microsoft, the implementation of these services in preview will give customers more control than ever before, meaning that a choice hasn’t got to be made about using the productivity of platform as a service (PaaS) and the control of Kubernetes, as the same app services can be run in both models.

“The app services are now Azure Arc-enabled, which means customers can deploy Web Apps, Functions, API gateways, Logic Apps and Event Grid services on pre-provisioned Kubernetes clusters,” Microsoft explains in their Build “Book of News”. “This takes advantage of features including deployment slots for A/B testing, storage queue triggers and out-of-box connectors from the app services, regardless of run location. With these portable turnkey services, customers can save time building apps, then manage them consistently across hybrid and multi-cloud environments using Azure Arc.”

Organisations like PwC, Bosch and Mercedes Benz are utilising Microsoft Azure to benefit from cloud-native technologies like containers and Kubernetes. A range of Azure service are included in this update with Azure App Service offering the capability to build and manager web applications and APIs easily with a managed platform that provides features such as autoscaling, deployment slots, and integrated web authentication.

Azure Logic Apps, another updated feature, creates automated workflows for integrating apps, data, services, and backend systems, which has access to a library of more than 400 connectors.

Written by Wed 26 May 2021


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