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Sysdig Open Source moves to secure cloud services

Unified container and cloud security firm Sysdig has announced that Sysdig Open Source, a popular incident response for containers, will now be extended to the cloud environment. This open source tool offers IT teams the ability to access incident response software that can be observed in real-time to clearly identify the root causes of impactful security… Read More

Red Hat and Accenture expand partnership in hybrid cloud

Building on their successful 12 year long partnership, software firm Red Hat and consultancy firm Accenture recently announced their strategic partnership is set for expansion in a bid to offer clients hybrid cloud innovation. The partnership is expected to focus on four key areas initially, including co-developing open hybrid cloud application and mainframe modernisation initiatives…. Read More

Accenture launches Sovereign Cloud to support innovation

With cloud only becoming a more attractive proposition for enterprises across the world, this move by Accenture comes at an opportune time. As some companies who want to embrace cloud may be hesitant due to issues around data regulations across Europe, the Sovereign Cloud solution can go a long way in eliminating these concerns.

AMD to acquire Pensando Systems for $1.9 billion USD

In what CRM described as a ‘shot’ at Amazon Web Services, Chambers said, “Pensando’s smart switching architecture has 100x the scale, 10x the performance at one third the cost of ownership of any comparable products in the enterprise market.”

Lantern, US-backed censorship circumvention tool records growth

As Lantern uses a peer-to-peer approach, even if more restrictions are introduced by the Russian government, the app will still be able to function and thrive. Before the recent increase in usage from Russia, individuals in China were the large market in terms of traffic.

Activist investors take on Anaplan & the cloud

It is becoming increasingly common for billionaire investors and hedge funds to build up large stakes in businesses and then drive forward with disruptive strategies at those companies. Technology firms have been one of the sectors that activity investors have targeted in recent years.

The pandemic’s most popular sustainability apps 

The desire to be more sustainable in our daily lives is not a new phenomenon. But evidence shows that UK consumers embraced sustainability more than ever over the last two years.

Cloud trend spotting in 2022

According to Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem and Channels at Google Cloud, 2022 will see the trend of digital transformation driving demand for cloud, which in turn will require a wider range of services from partners.

Are the corporate structures of crypto companies unstable?

Centralised teams often run the projects, with decentralised projects being far less typical. The future of the NFT ecosystem will be informed by what happens with the Pudgy Penguins project and if it can successfully transition to a decentralised model.

New backdoor attacking Windows, Linus and Mac systems.

Initial indications show that SysJoker is likely to have originated from an advanced cyber criminal group due to the fact that code was written from scratch and unique code has been written for multiple different operating systems.

Coinbase launches open-source cryptography library

With a central benefit of cryptocurrencies for many users being the privacy they offer, the advancements made in further encrypting blockchain data and allowing transactions to be validated without revealing personal identity is a major step forward in the sector.

REvil – The Importance of cyber-security audits

From stealing the plans for Apple products from supplier Quanta Computer to attacking the world’s largest meat processing company, JBS, resulting in major disruptions; REvil have demonstrated the damage ransomware can cause.