Latest Cloud News

Cloud security platform Netskope raises $300 million on $7.5 billion valuation

Netskope protects sensitive data held in a range of locations, namely Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google’s Cloud platform.

Nokia bets big on shift to cloud as they unveil cloud-based initiatives

Like many other enterprises in its sector, Nokia has come to realise the power of cloud to bring benefits to their customers.

Shipa announces new cloud-managed developer platform

In a bid to provide developers, platform engineers, and DevOps teams an improved way to manage and support cloud-native applications, venture capital-backed start-up Shipa recently launched Shipa Cloud.

Thales announces new products to protect data in multi-cloud environments

A range of new solutions aimed at improving multi cloud data security have been released by security vendor Thales. These products offer enhanced data protection for the most sensitive data stored in cloud hyperscalers including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Civo’s OCP-ready Kubernetes platform lands in UK via Kao Data

Specialist developer and operator of advanced data centres, Kao Data, has signed a new customer in Civo, a flexible, developer-first cloud platform based on Kubernetes technology.

ServiceNow acquires Lightstep to gain next-generation observability solution

American software firm ServiceNow has announced the acquisition of Lightstep, an application monitoring and observability business. Launched in 2017, Lightstep has raised over $70 million from venture capital and counts brands like Spotify and GitHub as clients.

Red Hat places cloud security at the centre of OpenShift Platform Plus

Announced yesterday at Red Hat Summit, the Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus builds on Red Hat OpenShift to offer enterprises advanced security for DevSecOps.

Cloud Security Alliance teases first cohort of trusted cloud providers

“I am so proud of what the Cloud Security Alliance has built over the years, and the Trusted Cloud Provider designation reflects this. It aligns with CSA’s principles of making organisations stronger and more secure, and encouraging professionals to increase their knowledge of leading-edge security topics – all of which supports the community at-large,” adds Reavis.

Debian developers vote to ‘not issue a statement’ on Richard Stallman’s return to FSF board

An open letter in support of Stallman now has more than 6400 signatures, with a competing open letter asking for the removal of Stallman from all leadership positions closed on April 1st with 3010 signatures.

Oracle refreshes cloud data warehouse to improve self-service data science

Oracle has announced a raft of updates to Autonomous Data Warehouse, the cloud data warehouse it launched in 2018.

The updates are designed to make tasks such as data loading, cleansing, business modeling, and machine learning, less technical and performable by data analysts and business users without the need of IT support

IBM and Moderna partner to make Covid-19 vaccine supply chain and distribution smarter

First on the to-do list is a pilot of a standardised approach to vaccine distribution that improves supply chain visibility and brings ‘near real-time’ tracking of vaccine administration at the individual batch level, as they travel from manufacturing facilities to administration sites.

OVHcloud details service restart following Strasbourg fire

“60 tech work on the site. Still lot of to do, but it’s going faster that expected. We keep the same ETA and maybe we will be faster,” tweeted CEO and founder Octave Klaba on Twitter.