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UK appoints tech heavyweights to Frontier AI Taskforce

The UK has appointed a team of technology leaders to its new Frontier AI Taskforce, with the aim of advising Government on the risks and opportunities of AI. Oxford academic, Yarin Gal, was announced as the first Taskforce Research Director, while Cambridge academic, David Kreuger, will take a consultative role. They will build a team… Read More

Beware of ‘prompt injection’ attacks on AI chatbots, warns UK cybersecurity agency

Chatbots could be manipulated by threat actors to perform harmful tasks and cybersecurity risks through a method called ‘prompt injection’, warned the UK’s cybersecurity agency. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned that artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots scripts could be overridden through ‘prompt injection’ attacks. “As LLMs are increasingly used to pass data to… Read More

AI firm Cyferd to expand into Thailand after being ‘ignored’ by UK Government

UK-based artificial intelligence (AI) solution provider Cyferd has announced its expansion into Thailand after being ‘ignored’ by the UK Government. The Leicester-based company attempted to hold multiple conversations with key officials within the UK Government, but claim they have been ‘denied or ignored’. Cyfed say they have had ‘immense success’ in empowering worldwide organisations, but… Read More

UK to spend £100m of taxpayer money on AI chip production

The UK Government is set to spend £100 million ($127 million) of taxpayer money to produce computer chips used for artificial intelligence (AI).  The funds will be used to procure key components from chipmakers like NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel. The Guardian received word from an official briefed on the plans that the Government is in… Read More

ChatGPT rival Anthropic lands $100m investment by SK Telecom

Anthropic, an AI startup co-founded by former senior members of OpenAI, has raised £78 million ($100 million) in funding from SK Telecom, one of the biggest mobile carriers in South Korea. The two companies will build a multilingual large language model (LLM) customised for global telco firms. “SK Telecom has incredible ambitions to use AI… Read More

Pope Francis raises concerns over ‘disruptive possibilities’ of AI
Pope Francis has urged people to consider the 'disruptive possibilities' of artificial intelligence (AI) in a call for global reflection on its potential dangers. In a message made in advance of the next World Day of Peace of the Catholic Church, the 86-year-old Pope stressed the need to 'be vigilant' and prevent a logic of... Read More

AI flagged a ‘chronic risk’ in UK National Risk Register
The UK Government has flagged AI as a 'chronic risk' in its National Risk Register (NRR). This marks the first time AI has been featured as a strategic risk for the country. The Government acknowledged the widespread implications of AI, including the potential for increased misinformation and a decline in economic competitiveness. "Chronic risks are distinct... Read More

Apple sets sights on AI development with global hiring spree
Apple is on a global hiring spree for artificial intelligence (AI) professionals, with dozens of job openings released in the US, France, and China. The tech giant intends to build cutting-edge generative AI tools leveraging local processing on mobile devices. CEO Tim Cook said during an earnings call that Apple has been quietly developing research... Read More

GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 propose weakening surveillance laws to train AI models
UK intelligence agencies GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 have proposed weakening 'burdensome' surveillance laws that limit their ability to train artificial intelligence (AI) models using extensive sets of personal data. The agencies want the safeguards governing the use of bulk personal datasets (BPDs) to be reduced. By relaxing safeguards that protect privacy and prevent misuse of... Read More

UK explores £160m satellites fund, boosting 5G coverage

The UK Government has announced a potential £160 million ($125 million) investment fund to boost broadband, 5G coverage, and next-generation satellites. This could mark the UK’s ‘most significant’ investment ever in satellite communications. Technology Secretary, Michelle Donelan MP, announced the Connectivity in Low Earth Orbit (CLEO) scheme on Tuesday, acknowledging how this ‘record investment’ could… Read More

Microsoft, Google, OpenAI to regulate AI through Frontier Model Forum
Some of the world's top tech giants have joined forces for new AI safety forum. Microsoft, Google, OpenAI, and AI research company Anthropic formed the Frontier Model Forum to focus on ensuring the safe and responsible development of AI models. The core objectives of the Forum include advancing AI safety research, identifying best practices, collaborating... Read More

OpenAI could power next-gen model with 10 Million NVIDIA GPUs
ChatGPT owner OpenAI is reportedly working on an AI model that combines 10 million NVIDIA GPUs. Wang Xiaochuan, businessman and founder of Chinese search engine Sogou, told Wccftech that OpenAI is already working on a more advanced AI computing model that utlises more advanced training methods compared to the current iteration of ChatGPT. Wang recently... Read More