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What is GPT-4? Exploring the AI taking the world by storm

Powered by the latest GPT-4 iteration, ChatGPT has become one of the most popular apps in history within a few short months. The large language model reached more than 100 million users, making it one of the fastest growing apps in the world. Its website has also been visited more than a billion times, which… Read More

Tech Week Singapore Reveals New Summit for Data and AI Leaders
Tech Week Singapore, an award-winning event by CloserStill Media, has unveiled Data & AI Leaders’ Summit, a new invite-only event for data, analytics, and AI professionals taking place at Marina Bay Sands on 27 April 2023. Singapore has a goal to become a big data hub and world leader in AI adoption. However, recent statistics... Read More

‘Public web data presents new area of growth’ says Oxylabs CCO, Tomas Montvilas
Tomas Montvilas, the Chief Commercial Officer at Oxylabs, shares his thoughts on how eCommerce businesses can harness web scraping, AI and ML to enhance their business. Tomas will join Big Data & AI World on 8-9 March at ExCeL London to further explore how using real-time public data can deliver competitive advantages in eCommerce. >... Read More

Game, Set, Match for sustainable tech at Australian Open
Tennis fans and players are being empowered to enjoy a more sustainable, immersive, and accessible Australian Open through digital innovations delivered by Infosys. As part of a Digital Innovation Partnership between Infosys and Tennis Australia, the 2023 tournament will include new experiences to shape the Australian Open's future vision. "Working with Infosys over the past... Read More

Google Cloud releases new AI tools for retailers
The last few years have proven to be extremely challenging for retailers across the world, with supply chain disruptions and lockdowns massively impacting the sector. In a bid to improve the ability for retailers to understand their stock levels more clearly, Google Cloud have introduced an AI shelf checking solution based on their Vertex AI... Read More

Top hedge fund traders to start using AI, survey reveals
Nine out of ten hedge fund traders will start using artificial intelligence (AI) in 2023, according to a survey by Market Makers. Analysis of the top 50 hedge funds showed that traders believe AI will help them achieve portfolio returns amid soaring interest rates. "AI has the potential to fundamentally change the way investing works,... Read More

Bank of England sets out research on AI and ML in financial services

Few industries have been as impacted by the rise of AI as financial services. Recently published by the Bank of England, the “Machine Learning in UK Financial Services” report finds that almost three in four (72%) of UK financial service firms are either using or developing machine learning solutions. A diverse range of business areas… Read More

Intel’s data centre business 25% under expectations in Q2

In the company’s recent earnings call, Intel reported that data centre and artificial intelligence (AI) business was down 16% year-over-year. Although data centre and AI still garnered $4.65 billion USD, this was a full 25% under expectations for second quarter earnings from that segment of Intel’s business.

Engineer who said AI was sentient fired by Google

A software engineer that claimed a Google AI chatbot called LaMDA was a sentient, self-aware person has been fired by Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

UK Government announces new AI rulebook

At a time when artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly commonplace, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport have published a policy paper that sets out regulation of artificial intelligence and takes a more decentralised approach compared to the EU.

Health security firm Apriori Bio launches to combat virus variants

After more than two years of developing its Octavia technology, health security firm Apriori Bio has been launched by bio-platform innovation company Flagship Pioneering.

Advanced AI able to identify autism speech patterns

A team of researchers, led by academics at Northwestern University, has been able to uncover speech patterns linked to autism in both English and Cantonese. Thanks to machine learning innovations, it is hoped that this breakthrough will be one of many when it comes to improving the understanding of autism. There is also potential for… Read More