Latest Security News

Snowflake releases new cybersecurity workload for cloud data platforms

At enterprises across the world, conversations about how to best deal with the rise of cybersecurity challenges are regularly happening. Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly resourceful and the growing range of potential attack vectors is making securing networks from attack even more difficult. In a bid to support businesses on their journey to protect themselves… Read More

Palo Alto Networks and Deloitte expand partnership into managed security

Consultancy Deloitte and cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks recently announced their strategic alliance will be deepened to offer US clients new managed security services. Building on the partnership that was first agreed in July 2021 to provide cybersecurity solutions to customers, these two firms are responding to the needs of clients who are undergoing digital… Read More

UK cybersecurity agency blocks record number of online scams

More than 2.7 million online scam campaigns were removed from the internet last year as a result of the GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) expanding its Active Cyber Defence programme. According to the NCSC, the numbers of scams eliminated in 2021 increased by close to 400%, compared to 2020. A wide array of scams… Read More

Getting board buy-in for cyber security

Educating board members on both best practices and compliance issues in the cybersecurity space is a powerful way to help them discover themselves why cybersecurity is an important area to focus on.

UK police arrest 7 young adults in hacking investigation

The number of victims of the hacking group have grown in recent months, with just a few days ago access management company Okta and its sub-processor Sitel saying they too had been on the receiving end of a security breach in January that affected up to 366 customers.

Are Starlink satellites attractive to hackers?

Dr Mark Manulis, co-author of the paper and Deputy-Director of the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security at the University of Surrey, believes satellite technology can bring many advantages to society, but it’s vital security considerations are prioritised.

Ukraine targeted by suspected Russian cyberattack

After analysis, MSTIC reports that while the malware is designed to look like ransomware, it does not have a ransom recovery mechanism. MSTIC now believe the malware was created to make the targeted devices unusable.

New backdoor attacking Windows, Linus and Mac systems.

Initial indications show that SysJoker is likely to have originated from an advanced cyber criminal group due to the fact that code was written from scratch and unique code has been written for multiple different operating systems.

Coinbase launches open-source cryptography library

With a central benefit of cryptocurrencies for many users being the privacy they offer, the advancements made in further encrypting blockchain data and allowing transactions to be validated without revealing personal identity is a major step forward in the sector.

REvil – The Importance of cyber-security audits

From stealing the plans for Apple products from supplier Quanta Computer to attacking the world’s largest meat processing company, JBS, resulting in major disruptions; REvil have demonstrated the damage ransomware can cause.

iProov announces $70million in funding

iProov tripled its revenues and there were multiple days in 2021 where they processed more than 1 million verifications, illustrating the strong growth they have achieved.

Amazon to collaborate with AI giant Stellantis

Under the terms of the plan, the new Ram ProMaster Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) will be available to Amazon in 2023, which will improve the sustainable delivery network of Amazon. The online giant will also be the first commercial customer of this vehicle.