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Ransomware attacks worse during holidays, study reveals
A global study by Cybereason revealed that ransomware attacks during holidays and weekends result in greater revenue losses. In a survey of more than 1,200 cybersecurity professionals, a third said their organisation lost more money during holidays and weekends. Alarmingly, 27% of respondents said they had set up crypto wallets to pay attackers and are... Read More

UK Government faces criticism for child internet safety failures

A number of organisations representing the safety of children have criticised the UK Government for failing to protect young people from harmful material online, after concerns have grown that 2019 election promises from the Conservative Party will not be passed into legislation. The Online Safety Bill has proven to be a controversial piece of legislation,… Read More

Australia leads new MIT Cyber Defense Index

Australia, Netherlands, and South Korea are ranked as the top three countries in the first-ever Cyber Defense Index by MIT Technology Review. The Index ranked the world’s 20 largest and most digitally-forward economies based on their preparation against, response and recovery from cyber security threats. Australia ranked in top position due to the government’s recent… Read More

IBM Reveals Breakthrough for Quantum Supercomputing

IBM has announced new breakthroughs in hardware and software that outlines the path towards quantum supercomputing. The new IBM Osprey processor has a qubit count of 433, making it the largest of any IBM quantum processor and more than triple of its predecessor – the IBM Eagle, which was unveiled in 2021. “[The IBM Osprey]… Read More

UK to scan all Internet devices in Britain for zero-day threats

In a bid to improve how the UK Government is able to respond to zero-day threats, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has launched an initiative that will scan every Internet-connected device in the country for potential cyber threats. The main goal of this program is to gain a data-driven understanding about the diverse range… Read More

‘World’s First’ cybersecurity solution for DNS protection launched

The ‘world’s first’ cybersecurity technology designed to protect the Domain Name System (DNS) layer has been launched. The Global Chain of Trust (GCOT) was created to be the ‘first line of defence for the Internet’. The GCOT will work side by side with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to secure the Internet for a reliable and… Read More

BlackByte ransomware using dangerous new data theft tool

An affiliate of notorious ransomware-as-a-service operation, BlackByte, has added a dangerous custom data exfiltration tool called ‘Infostealer.Exbyte’. The malware, written in Go for Windows computers, steals data from a victim’s network and uploads it to the Mega cloud service for extortion purposes. “Following the departure of a number of major ransomware operations such as Conti… Read More

Outsourcing firm Interserve fined £4.4 million by ICO after cyber attack

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined UK outsourcer Interserve £4.4 million after a phishing email enabled hackers to gain access to personal data of up to 113,000 of its employees. The ICO states that Interserve did not implement necessary cyber security defences, using outdated software systems and protocols. The firm was also said… Read More

Singtel reports second cyber attack after major Optus breach

Singtel has stated that its Dialog division has also been attacked, only weeks after the company revealed that its Australian company Optus had been the target of a significant cyber attack.

Ferrari internal documents leak only, but no evidence of hacking

Luxury Italian car maker, Ferrari confirmed reports that a number of internal business documents had been posted online but are unsure of how this information has been leaked.

Major Optus cyber-attack drives Australia to begin privacy overhaul

After a significant cyber-attack targeting telecoms firm Optus, Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese announced that he plans to strengthen privacy rules to ensure that banks are notified quickly after a company faces an attack.

TikTok may be fined $29 million by the UK for children’s privacy failures

Social media giant TikTok is facing a major fine after the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) provisionally ruled that the company may have fallen short of their legal obligations around the UK’s data protection law.