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France Thu 18 May 2023

France Data Centre Market: A Tour De Force in the Global Landscape The data centre market in France is hot – not just in the summertime, but year-round, and for the foreseeable future. Increases in demand in urban and rural markets are driving growth, as well as innovation. Paris: The Data Centre Hub of France Much of the data centre activity in France has been centred in Paris,… Read More

Economy Thu 18 May 2023

How will high interest rates impact cash-strapped tech startups? With interest rates soaring, startups are feeling the financial heat. The Bank of England’s consistent hikes to its base rate, recently hitting a 15-year high of 4.5%, are indicators of the end of an era of cheap borrowing. These adjustments, fueled by attempts to contain burgeoning inflation, are… Read More

Cloud Fri 12 May 2023

Boosting Cloud Maturity in France: Challenges and Opportunities Cloud computing has emerged as a catalyst for digital transformation worldwide, and France is no exception. As digital transformation initiatives continue to rise across France, the cloud will become an increasingly essential service for businesses of all sizes and sectors. With the French government’s substantial investments in the cloud sector, it’s clear that the growth… Read More

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Data Centre 2 days ago

How Localisation and Sustainability are Shaping the French Data Centre Market France is one of the hottest data centre markets in the EU, with the French data centre market projected to reach an annual investment of US$9.7 billion in 2023, and growing to $11 billion by 2027. The country is particularly attractive to foreign investors, Read More

AI 4 days ago

AI and the demand for cloud computing: Tipping the scale towards a more sustainable future In this opinion piece, Matt Hawkins discusses the environmental impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and the potential of sustainable cloud computing to offer a more environmentally friendly future. Matt explores the burgeoning problem of energy-intensive data centres that cater to AI demands and suggests potential solutions, such as distributed cloud computing, to address these… Read More

DevOps Wed 31 May 2023

What is Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) and how can it be implemented? Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have opened up a myriad of opportunities for businesses in various sectors. However, these advanced technologies can be challenging to deploy and manage without streamlined processes. As enterprises strive to integrate these solutions more effectively, Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) has emerged as a game changer. Understanding MLOps Read More