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Data Centre 21 hours ago

Utility sector invests in grid modernisation to bolster network resilience Utilities are actively investing in advanced weather prediction tools, renewable energy integration, and grid modernisation to bolster network resilience against power outages caused by extreme weather and climate-related disasters. Research by Wi-SUN Alliance underlines the growing importance of innovative tools and technologies in improving outage recovery times as environmental challenges become more frequent. Innovations Driving...... Read More

Data Centre 21 hours ago

Caterpillar and Microsoft trial hydrogen fuel cell backup power for data centres Caterpillar has collaborated with Microsoft and Ballard Power Systems to demonstrate the use of hydrogen fuel cells for sustainable and reliable backup power in data centres. This trial underscores the potential of hydrogen technology to meet the stringent uptime requirements of modern data centres. Innovative Trial in Harsh Conditions The demonstration, held at Microsoft’s data...... Read More

Data Centre 5 days ago

Schneider Electric to unveil a brand-new product innovation at Data Centre World London 2024 Schneider Electric is gearing up to address the future of data centres with a focus on sustainability, AI technology, and fostering early talent at Data Centre World London 2024. Amid the escalating demand for environmentally friendly operations and the transformative impact of AI, Schneider Electric aims to redefine data centres as key contributors to combating...... Read More