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Revolutionising Daily Life: Diana Gastrin on Dishwashers, Arduino, and 3D Printing

Before Cloud Expo Europe, taking place as part of Tech Show Frankfurt on 22-23 May, we had the pleasure of interviewing Diana Gastrin, a Software Engineer at Apple. Diana shared... Read More

Navigating Digital Frontiers: Minister Kristina Sinemus on the Internet, the Smartphone, and AI

In anticipation of her appearance at Cloud Expo Europe, taking place as part of Tech Show Frankfurt on 22-23 May, we had the privilege of speaking with Professor and Dr... Read More

From VMware to AWS and Beyond: The Cloud Computing Story of Ray Siripan

Ahead of Cloud Expo Europe on 6-7 March at ExCeL London, Techerati spoke with Ray Siripan, Global Enterprise Cloud Architect at TUI, to explore the significant milestones that have shaped... Read More

Embracing Change and Driving Innovation at William Hill: Georgina Owens’ Leadership Journey

Ahead of Cloud Expo Europe on 6-7 March at ExCeL London, we had the pleasure of speaking with Georgina Owens, Chief Technology Officer at William Hill. Owens shared insights into... Read More

Becoming a Software Engineering Role Model: The Inspirational Journey of Alev Yildirim

Ahead of Cloud Expo Europe at ExCeL London on 6-7 March, Techerati spoke with Alev Yildirim, an inspiring software engineering leader who has worked for General Electric, Meta, and Google.... Read More

How to Navigate Cloud de Confiance and Zero Trust in France

In recent years, France has sought to establish robust cybersecurity measures and data protection standards, particularly in the cloud computing domain. The French Government has long advocated for the creation... Read More

AI and the demand for cloud computing: Tipping the scale towards a more sustainable future

In this opinion piece, Matt Hawkins discusses the environmental impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and the potential of sustainable cloud computing to offer a more environmentally friendly future. Matt explores... Read More

Boosting Cloud Maturity in France: Challenges and Opportunities

Cloud computing has emerged as a catalyst for digital transformation worldwide, and France is no exception. As digital transformation initiatives continue to rise across France, the cloud will become an... Read More

Is cloud spending set for a fall?

The news that spending on leading cloud platforms, namely Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, fell this April compared with Q1 has led to concerns that this may be the beginning... Read More

Top malware threats of 2021 and ways to protect your device in 2022

Cyber attackers have seized on the changing business ecosystem over the last 18 months and found new ways to bypass cyber barriers at companies of all sizes. As cyber threats... Read More

Common misconceptions about DevSecOps

Ever since DevSecOps has become an effective approach for organisations to embrace, there have been misconceptions around exactly what this system entails in practice. By embedding security throughout the entire... Read More

Cloud native approach set to transform the developer experience

For many companies that have embraced cutting-edge technologies over the past decade, a cloud-native approach has become almost second nature. Cloud-native computing is a term that encompasses a great deal... Read More

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