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From Lovelace to Lamarr: Marina Marceta on Navigating Mountains and Cyber Landscapes

As the anticipation builds for the upcoming Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, part of the Tech Show Frankfurt event scheduled for May 22-23 at Messe Frankfurt, we had the privilege... Read More

Regulations set to cyber-secure the supply chain

No industries have been spared from supply chain attacks and weaknesses in recent years. According to analysis firm Gartner, almost half (45%) of organisations are expected to have experienced an... Read More

From the Turntables to Cybersecurity: Trustpilot’s Stu Hirst on his Leadership Symphony

Ahead of Cloud & Cyber Security Expo at ExCeL London on 6-7 March, we caught up with Stu Hirst, the Chief Information Security Officer at Trustpilot. Stu reflected on pivotal... Read More

Securing the Future: IDC’s Richard Thurston on Cybersecurity Insights for 2024

In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, staying ahead of threats requires not just vigilance but a forward-looking perspective. Richard Thurston, Research Manager of European Security Services at IDC, offers his... Read More

AI’s Challenge to Internet Freedom: Insights from Oxylabs CEO Julius Černiauskas

In this opinion piece, Julius Černiauskas, CEO of Oxylabs, explores the evolving landscape of Internet freedom and the burgeoning role of artificial intelligence (AI) as both a tool for enhancement... Read More

From Public Policy to Private Sector Prowess: Marcin Roth’s Cybersecurity Voyage

Ahead of Cloud and Cyber Security Expo on 6-7 March at ExCeL London, Techerati had the opportunity to sit down with Marcin Roth, Senior Cybersecurity Manager at Currys. Marcin shared... Read More

From Sinclair ZX Spectrum to Cybersecurity Expertise: Steve Furnell’s Digital Evolution

In anticipation of the Cloud and Cyber Security Expo at ExCeL London on the 6-7 of March at ExCeL London, Techerati caught up with Steve Furnell, Professor of Cybersecurity at... Read More

Eight Cybersecurity Trends to Navigate in 2024

As the digital world continues to expand, the cybersecurity landscape is set to navigate a complex web of challenges and innovations in 2024. The confluence of advanced artificial intelligence (AI)... Read More

How to reduce the carbon footprint of your cybersecurity operations

In this opinion piece, Suid Adeyanju, CEO of RiverSafe, navigates the intricate balance between escalating cybersecurity demands and their environmental implications, suggesting ways to lower your carbon footprint. He highlights... Read More

Soundness of Mind in Cybersecurity Leadership: Harrison Nnaji’s Journey as CISO of FirstBank Nigeria

In an industry that’s rapidly evolving and facing ever-increasing challenges, Dr. Harrison Nnaji, the Group Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for FirstBank Nigeria, stands out as a leading figure. Ahead... Read More

3 ways tech helps retailers prepare for the busy holiday season

Speaking to seven technology experts, we explored the role of tech in helping retailers have a smooth and successful holiday season through three pillars: shopping experience, customer support, and cybersecurity.... Read More

Fortifying Your Supply Chain: Navigating the New Era of Cybersecurity Threats and Regulations

No industries have been spared from supply chain attacks and cybersecurity weaknesses in recent years. According to Gartner, almost half (45%) of organisations are expected to have experienced an attack... Read More

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