5 days ago

University of Chicago expands quantum network Using technology provided by Toshiba, scientists at the University of Chicago have been able to connect the city of Chicago and suburban labs via a quantum network. This expanded network will be used by researchers to test new communication devices, security protocols and algorithms. There are now six nodes on the Chicago network in total… TweetShareShare

AI 5 days ago

Advanced AI able to identify autism speech patterns A team of researchers, led by academics at Northwestern University, has been able to uncover speech patterns linked to autism in both English and Cantonese. Thanks to machine learning innovations, it is hoped that this breakthrough will be one of many when it comes to improving the understanding of autism. There is also potential for… TweetShareShare

Blockchain 5 days ago

Ukraine joins the European Blockchain Partnership The Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for IT Development of Ukraine, Alexander Bornyakov, recently announced that the country has become just the third non-EU nation to join the European Blockchain Partnership. Following the membership of Norway and Liechtenstein, Ukraine hopes this move will be another positive step in the direction of integrating its own digital… TweetShareShare