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DevOps helped software teams release code twice as fast last year

Written by Finbarr Toesland Mon 24 May 2021

DevOps helped majority of developers release code two times faster, according to GitLab survey

The past year has seen many seismic changes happen in the world of technology and work, due to the ongoing pandemic. But developers have taken this disruption in their stride and are utilising cutting-edge technologies to rapidly improve how they work.

GitLab’s fifth annual DevSecOps survey includes the responses from almost 4,300 people from across the globe and found that advanced automation and increased release speeds are commonplace in software development teams. While just 8 percent of responses to the 2020 report from operations teams said their life cycles were either completely or mostly automated, this number has jumped to 55 percent this year.

Another major shift found in the report is that 75 percent of respondents say their DevOps teams are either using or planning to use ML/AI for testing and code review, an increase from 41 percent from 2020’s survey.

“This year’s Global DevSecOps Survey shows that 2020 was a catalyst for DevOps maturation,” said Eric Johnson, CTO at GitLab. “Teams worldwide worked to streamline development cycles and deliver faster release time than ever before, all while adjusting to remote work and shifting priorities to meet the high demands of last year. We believe we will see improvements in testing as more teams adopt tools to automate the parts of DevSecOps that have continuously caused cycles to slow down.”

DevSecOps is well known for playing a major role in increasing release speed across the software industry with 84 percent of developers stating they are now releasing code faster than ever before. Nearly 20 percent of respondents said code was being released ten times faster this year with a further 57 percent reporting code is getting released twice as fast.

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Finbarr Toesland

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