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On-demand Webinar: How can security keep pace, yet secure DevOps workflows?

Written by Fri 18 Sep 2020

Techerati Academy’s latest Cloud webinar is available for on-demand viewing

Traditionally seen as a hindrance, security now more than ever needs to be built into every part of the DevOps lifecycle. Though not a new concept, companies have struggled to effectively adopt a DevSecOps approach or been left with development and infosec teams clashing head on. This webinar will explore how to integrate robust security measures in line with DevOps stages and how to ensure secure, yet faster product releases.


  • Dr Wendy Ng – DevSecOps Security Managing Advisor
  • Dheeraj Nayal – Global Community Ambassador, DevOps Institute
  • Martyn Coupland – DevOps Ambassador, DevOps Institute
  • Cindy Blake, CISSP* Sr Security Evangelist, Gitlab

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Written by Fri 18 Sep 2020


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