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On-demand Webinar: More Clouds, More Problems

Written by Thu 13 Aug 2020

Techerati Academy’s latest Cloud webinar is available for on-demand viewing

Between 2017 and 2019, the number of application and service outages increased from 25% to 34%.

What’s alarming about these outages is that 80% could have been prevented — they were primarily caused by human error, power outages, network problems and configuration issues. Lack of visibility into the IT infrastructure can create a snowball effect of issues — siloed teams and data, and long times between detecting issues, investigating them and restoring services.

According to the latest Uptime Institute survey, half of all workloads are still running on privately owned datacenters, while 25% of surveyed IT practitioners said they would be more likely to put workloads in a public cloud if there were more visibility. Today, IT infrastructures are more complex than ever, and with more distributed components altering the technology stack all the time, new opportunities for outages arise on premises and in the cloud(s).

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Written by Thu 13 Aug 2020

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