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On-demand Webinar: How can security keep pace, yet secure DevOps workflows?

How to integrate robust security measures in line with DevOps stages and how to ensure secure, yet faster product releases.

On-demand Webinar: More Clouds, More Problems

Lack of visibility into the IT infrastructure can create a snowball effect of issues — siloed teams and data, and long times between detecting issues, investigating them and restoring services.

On-demand Webinar: Simplify your multi cloud and hybrid cloud
Techerati Academy's latest cloud webinar is available for on-demand viewing With a now highly distributed workforce, many companies are transforming to support new working practices and their people. This has led to a surge of multi-and hybrid cloud adoption. The challenge is how to operate these effectively. This webinar will explore how tech and IT... Read More

On-demand Webinar: Using DevOps to navigate the implications of COVID-19
Techerati Academy's latest cloud webinar is available for on-demand viewing Despite recent uncertainty it appears that system development and delivery has been resilient; helping organisations rapidly create or adapt digital offerings. However, suddenly moving to distributed teams and remotely accessing infrastructure wasn’t easy for all. This panel will address how DevOps can help organisations navigate... Read More

Navigate the Pandemic with Techerati Academy’s Debut Digital Event Series

The technology team at CloserStill Media, behind Cloud Expo Europe, Data Centre World, and Techerati, have been hard at work conceiving an exclusive digital event series that helps and inspires organisations throughout these uncertain and extraordinary times. 

There is no shortage of online learning opportunities in the tech space today. Many of which we ourselves have enjoyed and learned from. It was important to us that we didn’t just tackle the current challenges, but addressed the many opportunities, too.