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Data Centre World Virtual 2021: The Panel Review

Written by Fri 11 Jun 2021

Some of the most anticipated discussions taking place at Data Centre World Virtual on the 7th and 8th July. 

There has been an exponential change to our lives over the past twelve months – catalysing an increase in data consumption, higher demand for cloud services and bigger business spends on application and hardware to survive.

On 7th-8th July Data Centre World will take stock of the trends transforming the industry through a series of specially curated panel discussions. The breath of themes covered and calibre of speakers makes this two-day digital experience hard to beat for sagacious content.

Experts from Techbuyer, Equinix, European Commission, ABB and more will collectively voice opinions on a mix of hot topics, including climate neutrality, the Net-Zero debate, renewable energy storage and the data centres of 2041.

If you are thinking about attending, we’ve picked out some of the most anticipated discussions for you to gauge expectations and give you time to ponder the questions that are keeping you up at night – data centre related of course.

A big step to Climate Neutrality?
7th July
, 09:15 – 09:55

With billions of devices and growing volumes of data, data centres must scale to meet the basic needs of society, but face increasing scrutiny on sustainability credentials. The landmark Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact has 42 companies committing to Climate neutrality by 2030, and it’s within this panel, you can hear first-hand what the key pledges are, how they will achieve this and how the post-Brexit UK will align with EU targets.

Speakers include Techbuyer UK’s Sustainability Lead, Astrid Wynne, Kevin Kent from Critical Facilities Solutions, Micheal Winterson, Managing Director from Equinix and CISPE’s Chairman Alban Schmutz.

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Solving the Sustainability Puzzle of Renewable Energy Storage
8th July 09:50 – 10.30

Renewable’s adoption is no longer an afterthought in the data centre sector but front and centre of a thriving green agenda. This panel will weigh up the pros and cons and ethical considerations of new technologies such as lithium-ion, blue sodium and fuel cells and place our bets on which will take charge in a data centre market that increasingly factors Sustainability into TCO.

Powerful energy storage solutions will play a vital role in maximising the utility of renewable energy, but preserving green power while conserving the planet’s resources is a delicate balance to strike. Hear from the experts on this pressing topic, including Catalina Guillen, Chair of Electricity Storage Network, Julian Jansen Associate Director for Clean Technology & Renewable Energy, IHS Market and Dave Sterlace, Head of Technology for Data Centre Solutions, ABB.

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Data Centres in 2041 (with NDC Data Centres)
July 8th, 14.00 – 14.40

We only look ahead at most a decade, so to answer the question of how we will deliver the data centre of 2041 is a serious challenge, but the panel aim to tackle this head-on. Experts will discuss how the future data centre will be powered and cooled, where the capacity will be located and how it will be constructed. What will IT architecture change and what are the challenges to overcome to get there over the next 20 years?

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Written by Fri 11 Jun 2021


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