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Data Centre World Virtual 2021: The Panel Review

An exploration into some panel discussions that will be going ahead at our exciting Data Centre World Virtual event taking place on the 7th and 8th of July! Read More

Mike Goodwin Previews DATA CENTRE WORLD Awards 2021

Mike Goodwin, partner at building services consultancy Dunwoody and supporter of 2021 DCW Awards, previews the upcoming awards ceremony and its importance for the future of data centres. Read More

Poll: 49% of IT professionals say reducing data centre energy costs top priority

A new poll from Secure I.T. Environments Ltd has revealed that reducing energy costs (46 percent) and improving energy efficiency (39 percent) are IT professionals' key priorities for 2020.  The poll,... Read More

The challenges of scaling the edge, with Mark Howell, Ford Motor Company

Often, we struggle to discuss the edge - one of the IT world’s hottest trends - because it’s difficult to objectively define it. “The edge means something different to every... Read More

SICS ICE: A playground for data centre research

In the far north of Sweden, scientists have built a facility to explore the future of data centres. “We have projects that are looking at innovative control of data centres…projects... Read More

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