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Fujitsu set to sell Japan’s first domestic quantum computers in 2023

Written by Thu 25 Aug 2022

Fujitsu Quantum Computer

A partnership between technology firm Fujitsu and the RIKEN Research Institute is on track to produce the first commercialised domestic quantum computer in Japan.

According to reporting in Nikkei Asia, by April of 2023, a range of businesses across Japan will be able to purchase these extraordinarily powerful computers and apply them to areas as diverse as financial forecasting and medicine development.

Building on supercomputers, quantum computers are able to achieve far higher levels of calculation speeds and manufacturers in virtually all industries stand to gain from this innovation. News of the widespread availability of quantum computers in Japan comes more than a year after Fujitsu set-up a facility with RIKEN to collaborate on quantum computers.

“Ultimately, the results of the joint activities conducted at this collaboration center not only offer the potential for real-world applications in areas like drug discovery and material sciences, but will also contribute to the development of science and technology both in Japan and throughout the world by shedding new light on physical phenomena and fundamental scientific theory,” says Fujitsu in a press release when the R&D centre was opened last April.

The Fujitsu quantum computer is expected to have 64 qubits, more than the 53 qubits offered by Google’s 2019 quantum computer but less than IBM’s 2021 system that has 127 qubits.

Around 20 researchers are believed to be based in the joint RIKEN and Fujitsu development centre, with more partners expected to join the project to speed up research. One of the reasons why this partnership has proven to be successful is due to the combination of quantum technology knowledge brought by Fujitsu and the quantum computer technology using superconducting circuits offered by RIKEN.

Written by Thu 25 Aug 2022


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