Latest quantum publications

Fujitsu set to sell Japan’s first domestic quantum computers in 2023

A partnership between technology firm Fujitsu and the RIKEN Research Institute is on track to produce the first commercialised domestic quantum computer in Japan. Read More

University of Chicago expands quantum network

Using technology provided by Toshiba, scientists at the University of Chicago have been able to connect the city of Chicago and suburban labs via a quantum network. This expanded network... Read More

Researchers say “totally secure” Internet within reach after quantum breakthrough

The world is one step closer to having a totally secure internet and an answer to the growing threat of cyber-attacks, according to scientists. A prototype, designed by a team... Read More

Honeywell claims groundbreaking quantum computer is ready for action

It appears Honeywell has come good on its pledge to build the "highest-performing" quantum computer in the world. Last March, the operational technology multinational claimed it cracked a quantum computing... Read More

Tencent announces $70bn tech infrastructure spending spree

Chinese technology group Tencent Holdings has announced plans to invest $70bn upping its capabilities in cloud computing, AI, blockchain, IoT and quantum computing over the next five years. As part... Read More

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