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China’s biggest bank faces ransomware attack, disrupts US treasury market

A division of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) has experienced a ransomware attack. The attack caused disruptions in the US Treasury market, resulting in the clearing of... Read More

Bangladesh data centre sets fire, loss of life reported

A fire at Khawaja Tower in Dhaka on 26 October has resulted in substantial internet disruptions in Bangladesh. The Dhaka fire department arrived at the scene at 17:07 and controlled... Read More

AirTrunk announces new data centre in Osaka, Japan

AirTrunk has announced its expansion in Japan with its first data centre development in Osaka. The hyperscale data centre specialist said the OSK1 facility will be scalable to over 20MW... Read More

Equinix data centre outage disrupts DBS, Citibank, and redONE services

DBS Bank, Citibank, and redONE services in Singapore experienced an outage for several hours due to a technical issue with the cooling system at an Equinix data centre.  In a... Read More

Singapore awards four data centre operators with 80MW of new capacity

An AirTrunk-Bytedance consortium, Equinix, GDS, and Microsoft have won the right to develop new data centre projects in Singapore, as the country prepares to end a four-year moratorium. Following more... Read More

Security a key factor in choosing a cloud vendor, Alibaba survey reveals

In a survey of 1,000 Asian businesses across the APAC region, respondents said that security concerns were the top factor in their choice of cloud vendor. Respondents to the survey... Read More

Alibaba Cloud expected to be ‘as big as’ Alibaba Group, says CEO Zhang

Alibaba has announced a significant restructuring, with plans to spin off its cloud division as a separate, publicly listed entity. This follows tightening regulations on China's technology sector. The spinoff... Read More

CloserStill Media’s Tech Shows Secure Three AEO Excellence Awards Nominations

CloserStill Media’s Tech Show London and Tech Week Singapore have been shortlisted in three categories for the upcoming 30th AEO Excellence Awards, marking a significant achievement in the event industry.... Read More

Vietnam data centre market grows in importance following cybersecurity laws

With cybersecurity and storage laws increasing demand for data sovereignty, Huawei has set its sight on the Vietnam data centre market. Huawei's Data Center Product Manager, Do Van Chung, told... Read More

Fujitsu set to sell Japan’s first domestic quantum computers in 2023

A partnership between technology firm Fujitsu and the RIKEN Research Institute is on track to produce the first commercialised domestic quantum computer in Japan. Read More

Research reveals use of web content tools is expected to grow as internet restrictions continue to tighten

New research has found 82% of internet users in countries with some of the world’s harshest internet censorship regulations expect the need for web access tools to grow in the... Read More

Chinese AI tool can ‘check loyalty of party members’

Developed by researchers at Hefei Comprehensive National Science Centre, the tool is supposedly able to analyse facial expressions and brainwaves to accurately determine the extent to which the person is... Read More

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