Latest quantum computing publications

Powering quantum computers – The ultimate challenge

Quantum computing in a practical sense might still be some way off - several decades by some estimates - but various quantum computers are in operation today, raising considerable and... Read More

Quantum Brilliance unveils server-sized Quantum computer

Quantum Brilliance, an Australian and German startup company, has announced a quantum computer the size of a 19-inch server rack module. The first of these ‘quantum accelerators’ will be installed... Read More

D-Wave says 5000-qubit quantum system is cloud-ready

A Canadian quantum computing company has launched a new cloud computing service that allows businesses to experiment with a 5000-qubit system. D-Wave, which has been developing commercial quantum systems for... Read More

Honeywell teases “world’s most powerful quantum computer”

Operational technology multinational Honeywell has claimed it has cracked a quantum computing conundrum that will pave the way for the "world's most powerful quantum computer". Honeywell added that it expected... Read More

Intel breaks subatomic ground with qubit-packed quantum chip

Intel has unveiled a new cryogenic quantum chip that it claims marks a "milestone in the development of a commercially viable quantum computer". The chipmaker outlined the technical features of... Read More

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