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Leveraging real-time data for a competitive edge in eCommerce

In this opinion piece, Lauris Lietavietis, Chief Sales Officer at Oxylabs, delves into the transformative power of real-time public web data in the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce. The competition in... Read More

Convenience — The next retail battleground

Tomorrow’s retail winners will be those that use technology to make it easier, faster and more convenient for customers The pace of change in the retail industry is unrelenting and... Read More

The Grinch bot that stole Christmas

­­­­ This holiday season, e-commerce sites are contending with the rise of troublesome Grinch bots We’ve all heard of the boogie man that steals children in the night-time. It’s been... Read More

Black Friday: Why retailers should shop around for the best tech

How retailers can prepare themselves for the busiest week in their calendars Since bursting into the lives of UK shoppers in 2014, Black Friday has fast become the busiest week... Read More

How technology is changing the economics of sustainability

Technology and data is helping brands to achieve their sustainability goals The latest extinction rebellion highlighted an increasingly urgent appetite from the public to tackle climate change and ensure greater... Read More

“Hailing a new era in ecommerce” as online marketplace sales set to exceed $7 trillion within 5 years

European financial advisory firm iBe has identified online marketplaces as the best opportunity for growth in ecommerce. Sam Tidmarsh talks to Onogo.com CEO Paul Murphy and Evan’s Cycles Marketplace manager... Read More

Magecart: Why evil wizards are your number 1 ecommerce problem

Even though the evil wizards of Magecart are strong, devious and able to exploit even the most-secure platforms, with the right tools ecommerce firms can see them coming Magecart is... Read More

eCommerce Expo 2019: A cup of coffee with The Telegraph’s Asif Sadiq, MBE

Asif Sadiq MBE (Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, The Telegraph) joins Sam Tidmarsh for coffee to discuss childhood ambitions, career trajectory and the importance of embedding diversity and inclusion... Read More

eCommerce Expo 19: How Birchbox uses data-driven insights to personalise the customer experience

Conference producer Sam Tidmarsh asks Sally Scott, Managing Director UK for Birchbox & eCommerce Expo 2019 speaker, about her advice for brands wanting to infuse personalisation into their business, how... Read More

Customer First Live: The Dangers of Taking Your Customer for Granted

Customer First Group founder Martin Newman discusses the state of the UK high street and how integral organisational change is to consumer-facing businesses seeking customer-centricity Renowned internationally as one of... Read More

eCommerce Expo 2019: Kristina Kaganer, Global VP of Digital Data and Commerce — Coty

In just under one month’s time eCommerce Expo 2019 opens its doors at the Olympia in London. Looking ahead to September, Techerati has sat down with some of the event’s... Read More

eCommerce Expo 2019: The Changing World of eCommerce With Neel Arora

EMENA's Neel Arora talks to John Bensalhia about the changing world of modern eCommerce and how businesses must adapt in order to get results At the beginning of his career,... Read More

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