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China en route to becoming global leader in AI research

China set to overtake Europe and become biggest source of AI research globally in next four years, if pace of current trend continues A new study released by Elsevier has shined a light on the global race to lead AI research, revealing that China is outpacing its nearest competitors, the US and Europe, in the… Read More

Frankfurt: From imperial fair hub to emerging fintech capital of Europe

Ahead of their talks at TechWeek Frankfurt, Cecilia Fernandez de Cordoba, DevOps transformation Lead for Deutsche Bank’s retail arm, and Steffen Mueller, Senior Manager Cloud Sales Strategy for T-Systems, explain why Frankfurt is fit for business Germany’s largest economy and third largest city has established itself as the country’s foremost hub of digital transformation and… Read More

Google lifts lid on flood forecasting system

For most of us, when a Google service flashes in our notifications it’s usually an email ping or traffic alert. Now, thanks to recent breakthroughs in AI and gains in computational power, Google is on the cusp of notifying users worldwide about impending floods. Flood forecasting systems are not universally available, and often the most… Read More

Microsoft, Amazon, and Google join in famine prevention initiative

World Bank has announced that it, United Nations, and ICRC are collaborating with global tech giants to develop a new famine prevention initiative incorporating analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Famine Action Mechanism (FAM) will react to early warning signs and activate funding plans to areas at risk. World Bank estimates that more timely… Read More

Italy begins beta-testing government smartphone app

The Italian government has begun beta-testing IO, a smartphone app that consolidates a number of public services into a single user interface. IO gives users access to public services and administration, providing an easier way to make electronic payments and keep a record of receipts, request and file documents with government agencies, and set up… Read More

Icelandic ecommerce marketplace rolls out large-scale drone delivery

Iceland’s largest ecommerce marketplace, aha.is, has announced 13 new drone delivery routes In Reykjavik. The addition of the new routes will result in automated delivery for commercial products over half the city. Aha.is began drone deliveries over a year ago, partnering with Israeli firm Flytrex on one route through central Reykjavik. The initial route was… Read More

Kiva CTO: Why we have a responsibility to care for the underserved

The Stack speaks with Kevin O’Brien, CTO of Kiva, a non-profit that aims to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. There seems to be increasing interest from business leaders around tech for social impact. Are you recognising this as a key trend? Absolutely. I expect the tech community to step up efforts to address social… Read More

Blockchain-based eSport game launches presale

The world’s first blockchain-based eSport game, Gods Unchained, has begun presale of trading cards that are used in gameplay. The game uses a unique hybrid system, combining on-chain and off-chain activities to help reduce congestion on the blockchain network. Gods Unchained is a card-based battle game, similar to the IRL trading-card favorite ‘Magic: the Gathering.’… Read More

How Renew Britain aims to start a ‘tech revolution’

Renew Britain was formed in 2017 by former Foreign Office anti-terror officer Chris Coghlan and is a political party with a few basic aims. It wants to turn back Brexit, occupy the centre ground of British politics, and instigate what it calls a ‘tech revolution.’ It placed candidates in the recent local elections in Wandsworth, Tower… Read More

Earth Day 2018: the tech perspective

TLC from the tech industry: expert tips on taking care of the planet ahead of Earth Day 2018 Observed by over 190 countries, Earth Day was established with the aim of conserving the planet’s resources and raising international awareness of issues impacting the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. From a technology perspective, research… Read More

London stock exchange uses blockchain to track unlisted securities

A subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange has developed a blockchain solution to help SMEs digitize capital structure and securities ownership. Keeping the capital structure of an unlisted business on a blockchain system is intended to simplify the issuance of shares, making it easier for SMEs to access capital and bolstering the confidence of potential… Read More

India surpasses U.S. as Facebook’s #1 country

Facebook has released new usage figures showing that India has overtaken the United States as the country with the highest number of Facebook users. The new figures show that total Facebook users in India total 241 million, while U.S. users trail behind at 240 million. This follows the recent announcement that the social media platform… Read More