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The Voice of the Industry: Fixing the gender diversity travesty

Very few people alive today can remember the era when women couldn’t vote. As laws and attitudes continue to improve, many argue that society has arrived at the destination of gender equality. That illusion has been violently shattered in recent months. A scandal in Hollywood has once again raised the question of sexual harassment at… Read More

The Voice of the Industry: The wider implication of data breaches

If you follow technology news, it’s hard to go a day without hearing about a company or organisation having its systems breached and personal data being leaked to nefarious characters. Two recent leaks, though, have been particularly galling. The hack of Equifax’s database is significant for a number of reasons, but perhaps primarily because the… Read More

The Voice of the Industry: Is the UK an attractive investment prospect?

Welcome to The Stack’s weekly Voice of the Industry rundown, where we take a hot tech topic and find out what the experts think. This week, we’re looking at investment into the technology industry in the UK. We published an article on a report that found that the UK benefits from the most Silicon Valley… Read More