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Engineering practices are key to the next stage of agile transformation

In the first of a new series of articles exploring the current state and future trends in DevOps, Jatil Damania, Director of Delivery for Contino, argues that leaders should empower and energise their teams by emphasising common customer-focused goals and good engineering practices. In an aim to be more customer-centric, Agile adoption has been central… Read More

TechUK’s Jacqueline de Rojas CBE on diversity in the workplace

Workplace diversity can be a contentious topic, and in an area that is often spoken about in terms of fairness, morality and ethics, the hard-nosed nature of business can often butt heads with these principles. But it’s becoming increasingly common knowledge that diverse workplaces are better, not just for the people that work in them, but… Read More

Making digital transformation happen in 2018

If there’s a single phrase that speaks for the desires of every modern business, it has to be digital transformation. Present in every press release, every keynote speech, and every business plan, it represents the beating heart of CIOs and IT teams everywhere that want to make their business the next Amazon or Google. Words… Read More

Why ineffective cloud strategy could be hampering start-up growth plans

Darren Norfolk, UK Managing Director at Rackspace, discusses what the cloud can offer to start-up businesses and the potential risks of an ill-advised strategy…  Many of today’s start-ups are born into the cloud and are lucky enough not to have to deal with the complexities and costs associated with legacy systems. Not only do they… Read More