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The golden opportunities offered by IoT in 2018

We caught up with Kelley A. Duarte, AT&T’s Associate Vice President, IoT and Strategic Service for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to find out what brought AT&T to Smart IoT London 2018 and to discover some of the latest applications and trends in IoT for the year ahead. What are the key trends in… Read More

Turning digital vision into reality across the industrial landscape

Alan Norbury, Chief Transformation Officer at Siemens discusses why the UK manufacturing sector can lead global efforts to drive the next industrial revolution The UK is undergoing a time of digital change and disruption that is influencing both everyday customer experience and the general outlook for the business community. Remember it is only just over ten years since… Read More

IoT: Reaching new levels of maturity

Affordable costs. Efficient business solutions. Considerable progress. John Bensalhia speaks to Del Alibocus, Head of IoT at O2 Telefónica, about Smart IoT’s coming of age in the 21st century From the lush green fields of the farm to the modern comforts of the smart home, the potential for using smart IoT today is massive. Whether used… Read More

SG Bike to use NB-IoT to curb parking problem

SG Bike, a Singapore-based bike-sharing company, is to partner with telco M1 to explore the use of Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) in the bike-sharing business. The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, stating that they will collaborate on NB-IoT applications to help resolve problems with indiscriminate parking of shared vehicles. While bike-sharing has support from… Read More

How blockchain is revolutionising transportation and mobility

John Bensalhia meets DOVU co-founder Irfon Watkins to discuss the background, mission and ethos of this hugely successful business Eureka! Isn’t it wonderful when a plan comes together? The classic Eureka or A-ha! lightbulb moment of coming up with the solution to a problem has been seen throughout history from Archimedes to Einstein. For Irfon… Read More

Microsoft partners with CNH Industrial on smart vehicles

Agricultural and industrial vehicle manufacturer CNH Industrial will be using Microsoft Azure to gather data and create a new generation of connected vehicles. The CNH Industrial Service Delivery Platform, powered by Azure, will make it easier for users to access vehicle data, with the intention of improving efficiency, productivity and predictive maintenance. CNH owns major… Read More

How will driverless cars impact the way we work?

The topic of driverless cars has taken centre stage in recent news. In November, Chancellor Philip Hammond said that “the world is on the brink of a technological revolution, one that will change the way we work and live and transform our living standards for generations to come.” Hammond also told the BBC that we… Read More

Uber and Volkswagen partner with Nvidia on self-driving AI chips

Nvidia has announced it will supply Uber and Volkswagen with its artificial intelligence chips for their self-driving car projects. Speaking at CES in Las Vegas, Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s CEO, announced that the firm is partnering with both the ride-hailing giant and the German automobile manufacturer. Nvidia’s AI offerings are being used by Uber to help… Read More

Six essential skills IoT developers need

Oliver Horn, senior solutions architect at Red Hat, lists six skills that all developers need to make it in the world of IoT Ability to work in a team/listen and cooperate IoT requires a very broad set of skills, ranging from electronics for sensors, actors and SOCs, to wireless transmission, field bus protocols, messaging and… Read More

Blockchain company to launch Bluetooth IoT in Dubai

Moeco.io, a Hong-Kong based startup, has partnered with Yzerchat to create a blockchain technology-based, broadband-enabled, Bluetooth network for IoT devices in Dubai. Moeco provides a blockchain-powered platform, which can then be used to provide IoT device connectivity via Bluetooth connection.  Moeco has partnered with Yzerchat, an automatic translating messaging app popular in the United Arab… Read More

AWS releases IoT offerings covering deployment and analysis

AWS has announced a range of new IoT services on the platform, after CEO Andy Jassy spoke of the growing importance of the technology at AWS re:Invent. At the Las Vegas event, Jassy argued that two current tech ‘buzzwords’ that are actually living up to their hype are IoT and machine learning. Now, the company has released six… Read More

HPE working with industrial technology firm towards Industry 4.0

HPE is partnering with Swiss industrial robotics and automation firm ABB to get better insights from the data produced in industrial settings. The global partnership will use HPE’s hybrid IT services to help customers make the most of the mass of data that is created by ABB’s industrial technology products. This, the companies believe, will… Read More