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Weserve goes to Flexiant to support multi data centre cloud

Netherlands-based cloud host, Weserve is to use the orchestration software from Flexiant to manage its multi-data centre solution from one platform. Weserve wanted a replacement solution to support its 1,500-2,000 customers and 25 resellers across the Netherlands. Robert Nijhof, managing director, Weserve said, “It was important for us to manage our two data centres in… Read More

Big Data democracy means better decisions and better performance

28/2/14 – The technical and economic barriers to storing, aggregating and performing insightful analytics on combined data are finally accessible and cost-effective as to allow companies to gain business insight and outperform competitors. Mark Melton, a senior engineer with analytics specialist, Pentaho, told the Data Centre World conference that across many organisations there is a need… Read More

Hosted analytics programme creates big data enthusiasts at EMC

Transforming its business to run on predictive analytics has created a new cadre of data junkies at EMC as it seeks to exploit an internal hosted business analytics service. Chuck Hollis, the vice president of Global Marketing CTO at EMC, reporting on the progress of its Business Analytics as a Service (BAaaS) project in his… Read More

Facebook shadow tests Blu-Ray discs for long term cold data centre storage saying it’s efficient and elegant.

Frank Frankovsky, VP of hardware design and supply chain operations at Facebook, talks about why this “consumer” technology is possibly finding favour in its Open Compute Project to Jon Bodkin, of ARS Technica. It currently uses spinning discs and reckons the Blu Ray will be half the price and 80% more energy efficient. Excerpt “With… Read More

Data centres are eating our energy and Russia could turn off the gas taps with severe consequences for operators

This is a big data centre issue as seen from the CFO’s perspective.  Data centres are requiring more and more energy, yet electricity supply prices are rising and those very supplies are being overwhelmed and so the threat of blackouts looms. Factor in that the current tensions with Russia over the Crimea and Ukraine could… Read More

Data in the cloud, security on the ground

Physical security of a data centre is just as important as cloud security argues Ivor Lewis, the chief operating officer of TSSI Systems. As data becomes more and more centralised, increasingly relying on storage and access facilities such as data centres, the subject of effective physical security has become as important as that of logical…. Read More

Free air gets data centre operators pumped up

Is free cooling the way forward? Is climate change affecting the data centre? Are advances in server and storage technology leading to a rise in temperature in the data centre? Mark Parnell-Hopkinson, the managing director of Sentronex, investigates The combination of technical advancements, environmental change and rising energy costs has led to a significant increase… Read More

Cabling innovations – supporting the evolving data centre

As data centres evolve to support higher bandwidth requirements of 40G and even 100G capacities, innovations in cabling technology are emerging to meet the multiple demands of cost efficiency, reliability, uptime and high speed data transport (HSDT). Stephen Morris, product manager for cabling specialist Panduit, reports Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), Top of Rack (ToR),… Read More

Facebook takes rapid approach to data centre build

Social media giant Facebook has revealed plans to build a data centre at twice the normal speed by using its new “rapid deployment data centre” (RDDC) design, in Luleå, Sweden. Based on the Baltic coast, Luleå was chosen as the site for the first data centre which opened last year to take advantage of the… Read More

Good security starts with a pre emptive strike

Brian Chappell, the director of engineering, EMEAI, with BeyondTrust, says data centre operators need to move away from reactive security measures and into pre-emptive security design. Any organisation investing in information technology and networks including data centres should build their security strategies based on solid foundations. This may sound like an obvious statement but all… Read More

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