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Serverless framework Nuclio released for enterprise customers

Enterprise customers now have access to Nuclio, a cloud-neutral serverless framework for data processing, real-time analytics and artificial intelligence. Nuclio, built by Iguazio, can be used in the cloud or on-premises, though the company has worked with Microsoft to ensure it works best with Azure, where it states that it can provide the ‘most advanced… Read More

IT errors responsible for 450,000 missed cancer screenings

IT errors were responsible for missing invitations to breast cancer screenings for 450,000 women in the UK, it has been revealed. The error has been estimated to be connected to between 135 and 270 deaths, according to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Hunt has now called for an inquiry into the errors. He has told the… Read More

Serverless containers now available through Azure

Development teams that don’t want to manage virtual machines now have the option of running serverless containers thanks to Azure Container Instances (ACI). ACI is now generally available and will allow customers to deploy containers without needing to look after the virtual machines (VMs) on which they sit. Serverless computing is something of a misnomer,… Read More

Hear from the brightest and best technology suppliers

The 2018 edition of Cloud Expo Europe, Cloud Security Expo, Smart IoT, Big Data World and Data Centre World gave visitors the chance to meet and speak with some of the brightest and best supplier and providers in the entire technology ecosystem. With the supplier exhibition containing many of the most innovative, fast-moving and exciting… Read More

How moving enterprise software to the cloud affects printing

By now, it’s commonly accepted that a move into the world of cloud computing brings with it a wide range of benefits for businesses in particular that are far too important to ignore. Whether your primary concern is reducing IT business costs, increasing scalability, guaranteeing business continuity or optimizing communication and collaboration efficiency, the cloud… Read More

How blockchain could be used in financial services

Blockchain technology makes many promises. New whitepapers are released practically daily, extolling the virtues of distributed ledger technology and the new levels of trust, security and cost-efficiency it can offer. One of the most obvious areas in which these promises could be fulfilled is finance. But, as yet, there hasn’t been the wholesale adoption of… Read More

Oracle announces retail cloud success

Oracle Retail has announced the successful implementation of their cloud services across six new global brands, including Gap, Inc., Moleskine, and Samsonite Europe. Oracle Retail is a cloud-based service for retailers that uses data-driven applications for merchandising, omnichannel marketing, supply chain management, planning and forecasting, and inventory management. Oracle provides software solutions as well as… Read More

Echoworx expands email encryption to APAC

Email encryption security company Echoworx announced that it will expand the OneWorld communication platform to countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region. OneWorld is a scalable, flexible encryption platform created to integrate with existing business systems. It can be configured to work with cloud, hybrid, and on-premises networks and provides for secure document delivery, large-file exchange, and… Read More

Why a big bang approach to cloud may be best avoided

Dr Chris Folkerd, Director of Enterprise Technology at UKFast discusses how businesses can separate the wheat from the chaff when selecting the right cloud strategy. When looking at the best cloud solution for your business, always start from a clear understanding of what your objectives are. It’s easy to get seduced by ‘cool technology’, and… Read More

Why automation is key in managing multi-cloud complexity

Scott Sneddon, Senior Director, Cloud and SDN (Global Solutions and Business Transformation) at Juniper Networks discusses how businesses can best manage a complex multi-cloud environment There are many reasons why businesses are increasingly turning to a multi-cloud strategy. Frequently there is a requirement for data to be stored on-premise verses off. Often developers want to… Read More

Blockchain: What’s the hold-up in Financial Services?

Ahead of base60’s blockchain panel discussion at Cloud Expo Europe, Principal Consultant Charles Davis talks on the emerging tech’s implementation in financial services Financial institutions have been researching and running internal proof of concepts around blockchain technology for several years. Generally, focus has varied between institutions due to factors such as market position, internal buy-in… Read More

‘Are we there yet?’- the journey to widespread automation

Puppet EMEA VP, Marianne Calder, looks at how businesses are approaching the newest frontier of IT – automation – and calls on them to embrace this change.  Automation is “the next frontier of IT”, Gartner called out recently to all companies embarking on their digital transformation journey. Automation empowers IT teams to deploy software more… Read More