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ConsenSys and AMD partner on blockchain cloud infrastructure

W3BCLOUD touted as ‘first independent cloud computing blockchain infrastructure’ Blockchain heavyweight ConsenSys is partnering with hardware giant AMD and Abu Dhabi-based Halo Holdings to develop W3BCLOUD – a new cloud solution built for blockchain workloads. It’s no surprise that ConsenSys is in charge of software duties for the new platform and that it will be… Read More

Bank of America files blockchain ATM patent

A patent filed this week by Bank of America describes a blockchain-powered ATM network which could provide users with secure, high-speed transactions based on a distributed ledger system The Bank of America blockchain ATM would create a data transport network with full encryption and security, with cloud integrations and scalable hosting of web services and… Read More

What is the state of the UK blockchain industry?

A new report from Digital Catapult has shed some desperately-needed light on the scale and success of the UK blockchain industry Gauging the success of the UK blockchain industry has been fiendishly difficult amid the bluff and bluster of technologists and the seemingly inexorable capitulation of its cryptocurrency poster boy Bitcoin. But on the basis of… Read More

How blockchain IDs can solve the problem of identity

Martin Kuppinger, founder and principal Analyst at Kuppinger Cole, discusses how blockchain IDs might finally deliver universal and trustworthy authentication Distributed Ledger Technologies (commonly referred to as Blockchain) have been discussed in relation to all manner of business models in all industries. The range of models span topics such as international trade finance, KYC (Know… Read More

Most traditional financial firms to be irrelevant by 2030

Digitalization will make 80 percent of traditional banks and financial services firms irrelevant by 2030, according to a new Gartner report  Digital transformation is well underway and is being heralded as an opportunity and necessity for firms in all industries to maintain a competitive edge. But Gartner says heritage firms in the financial sector are… Read More

Mastercard granted patent for multicurrency blockchain

Mastercard has been awarded a patent for a technique to split a blockchain so that multiple transaction formats and types can be stored on a single blockchain. As the patent – published by the US Patent & Trademark Office – explains, a technical roadblock impeding the wider use of blockchain technology to record transactions is the… Read More

IBM blockchain food supply chain network gains ground

IBM has announced the membership of several leading global retailers to its blockchain-based food supply chain network IBM Food Trust.  IBM says the network helps organisations in the food industry run more efficiently and provide safer food at lower costs. Among the new organisations joining the growing ecosystem are French supermarket giant Carrefour, and Topco,… Read More

Missing link: Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Hyperledger team up

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the blockchain standards organisation, and Linux-led open source initiative Hyperledger, have announced that they have joined forces, both becoming members within each other’s organisations. According to the two groups, the open-source, standards-based, cross-platform collaboration will fast-forward enterprise blockchain adoption. EEA and Hyperledger both have vast global communities that represent just about… Read More

Government Cryptoassets Taskforce meets for first time

The UK government’s Cryptoasset Taskforce met for the first time this week to discuss distributed ledger technology applications in financial services and the need for regulation. The meeting consisted of senior figures from government and financial regulators, including Katharine Braddick, Director General of Financial Services at HM Treasury, Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive of the Financial… Read More

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