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TFM 2019: What everybody gets wrong about digital transformation

Published Mon 16 Sep 2019

Tom Goodwin previews his keynote appearance at Technology for Marketing 2019

Everyone is talking about digital transformation but nobody knows what it is.

We keep talking about the ever faster change in the world, but is that actually true? 5G, AI, Voice, Robots, Drones all seem to be promised as the sparks of change in the world, but have we even made the most of basic code, cloud-based computing, or 4G yet?

If there is to be change in the world then companies need to understand that it’s about culture more than code, it’s about ideas more than funding and it’s about empathy and creativity more than technology.

Join Tom Goodwin at 15.00pm on Wednesday 25th September on TFM’s Keynote Theatre, where he will provoke, inspire and challenge you to consider how tech innovation can really deliver business results and what you can do about it now.

TFM 2019: https://tkrt.io/TuglXB
Free Registration: https://tkrt.io/TPguKY
Full Conference Program: https://tkrt.io/vRRIWl

Experts featured in Video:

Tom Goodwin

EVP Head of Innovation

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