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TFM 2019: Gareth Mellor, UK & EU Marketing Director at Kobalt Music Group

Published Tue 24 Sep 2019

As UK & EU Marketing Director, Gareth leads the marketing strategy at one of the music industry’s most innovative and progressive music companies – Kobalt Music Group. Gareth discusses topics from his favourite musicians, to developing an agile, creative marketing strategy.

Join Gareth on the Content & Social Strategy Theatre at 10.15 on Thursday as he gives a talk about connecting with Kobalt’s community through content.

As one of the most innovative music companies in the world, Kobalt Music Group works with clients such as Childish Gambino, Marshmello, Beck, Wolf Alice, Max Martin and Bob Dylan.

Thriving in an industry built on content consumption, Kobalt’s own strategy has to reflect the contrasting audiences it speaks to; from the songwriters, artists, managers and labels that form it’s client base, to the fans consuming the music.

In this session, UK & European Marketing Director, Gareth Mellor, will discuss how Kobalt and its unique alternative to a record label, AWAL, are creating content that has grown the brand whilst connecting its clients with an unlimited and ever-changing audience of music lovers. Gain insight into how the business embodies an agile test-and-learn mindset to content creation and why considering the needs of your customers’ customer can help invigorate and drive your content strategy.

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