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Securing cloud-native apps with GitLab

Published Thu 25 Apr 2019

At Cloud Expo Europe 2019, Techerati spoke to GitLab’s senior product marketing manager, John Jeremiah, about the steps that need to be taken to secure cloud-native applications

Cloud-native applications turn the cloud into a force for creating business value by creating applications with the cloud specifically in mind.

They improve the speed and efficiency of service assembly and enable firms to react faster to market change. Indeed, according to CNCF, the popularity of cloud-native technologies skyrocketed by 200 percent last year and are now firmly established as an essential ingredient for digital disruption.

Notwithstanding these great benefits, cloud-native applications introduce so many different attack surfaces compared to traditional applications, that from a security perspective, developing, deploying and managing them brings fresh challenges. Here’s where GitLab says it can help.

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