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Equifax helps organisations unlock the power of data

Published Mon 24 Jun 2019

Speaking to Techerati at Big Data World 2019 in London, data analytics powerhouse Equifax walked us through Ignite, the company’s suite of big data and analytics solutions, that launched in the UK earlier this year

It has never been more important to harness an ever-increasing stockpile of data to derive actionable insights.

With Ignite from Equifax, organisations can either enhance their own internal analytics expertise, using cloud-based Ignite Direct, or outsource their analytics, leveraging Equifax’s own consultancy team to arrive at a solution that fits their needs, using advanced analytics.

Lastly, Ignite Apps provides dynamic BI, transforming raw data into informative graphs and charts, harnessing the differentiating power of data visualisation.

Watch our interview with Ben Harrison, analytics delivery specialist at Equifax, to find out what solution is right for your organisation, and gain a decisive data edge over competitors.

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