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An interview with Debbie Forster MBE, CEO of the Tech Talent Charter

Debbie also addresses how to embed an inclusive culture within companies, the issue of tech poverty, and websites that help educators and employers access support.

How clever will artificial intelligence become? 🤖 Hear from a panel of experts in The Energy Podcast.

How will the world meet growing energy demand while reducing carbon dioxide emissions? How will renewable energy evolve? Will batteries, hydrogen or even blockchain change our lives? The Energy Podcast sets out to explore the options and possible outcomes. Listen and subscribe in your preferred podcast player here.

Winning The Digital Transformation Race

The biggest challenge across all industries is that most organisations are treating digital transformation as a loose correlation of technology projects. But, digital transformation is more than a project, it’s a re-writing of the business which requires significant cultural change.

Discover the role of SD-WAN in digital transformation, with NTT communications at Cloud Expo Europe

Join Len Padilla, VP Product Strategy at NTT Communications at Cloud Expo Europe to discover the role of SD-WAN in digital transformation and why solving this networking challenge is the final piece in the DX puzzle.  Cloud Expo Europe arrives at ExCeL London 12-13 March. No other UK event gathers as many IT business leaders,… Read More

Techerati London launch party

Introducing Techerati, an empowered community that brings together passionate business technology leaders, buyers and experts, on the promise of new technology insights and intelligence.

Rene Bostic on how blockchain is being used in the real world

Rene Bostic, Technical Vice President of Innovation and New Technologies for IBM Cloud, spoke to Techerati about how blockchain might change business forever – both for businesses and the consumer. She also chatted to us about how dialogue and interaction is vital in understanding the industry.

Genevieve Leveille on how blockchain will establish trust

Genevieve Leveille, founder of 0TenTic8, spoke to Techerati about how she came to be in technology, what’s needed to make the industry more representative, and how blockchain will help to establish trust in a trustless world.

The IT revolution – what to expect and how to get ready for it

In this interview, The Stack speaks with Ray O’Farrell, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Development Officer at VMware, and Richard Munro, CTO of Cloud Services EMEA at VMware, to find out what they think about the digital IT revolution and the evolving role of the CTO and CIO. The experts discuss the main prerequisites for… Read More

The next stages of digital transformation

In this discussion, Nigel Williams, IT Evangelist at Commvault, describes what it means to drive digital transformation in the cloud. He talks about the various struggles involved, cloud computing’s position in the digital revolution, backup and recovery challenges and much more.

Antonio Piraino, CTO of Sciencelogic: How to make your digital transformation a success

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