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A video interview with James Hunter of IBM DevOps

When considering the future of DevOps, James stresses the fast rate at which this area is evolving: ‘we’re at an interesting stage of maturity…where value-stream management is at the centre of activities – we have a programme called velocity which makes that connection between the data visible. Over the next few years, more companies creating DevOps will be freed up by automation.’

Leader Talks: Busting DevOps myths, with Netflix’ Tejas Chopra

Tejas Chopra, a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, discusses some common misconceptions surround DevOps as well as discussing some DevOps strategies that are used at Netflix which help streamline their business.

Enterprise Evolution Preview: H&M’s Jakob Knuttson busts DevOps MYTHS

Jakob Knuttson is Product Area Lead Engineer at H&M Group, where he spearheads the retailer’s cloud and tech enablement through refined DevOps principles. Ahead of DevOps Live’s upcoming virtual event (16-17 June), we asked Jakob to bust come common DevOps myths and misconceptions. Register for the Enterprise Evolution Summit to see more DevOps leaders reveal… Read More

Building a culture of delivery using lean DevOps

The primary task for developers, writing software, is a complex effort and the fact is, many developers would prefer to focus on coding exciting features. Asking them to also implement DevOps—and engage in some of the complex tasks it requires—takes their focus away from shipping new features and leads to inefficiency across your team. The only thing worse than not having any DevOps strategy is having unhappy developers who are so distracted by DevOps that your product delivery grinds to a halt. DevOps is fragmented and complex which offers a competitive advantage to mature organizations with the resources to attract & hire dedicated DevOps teams. So how can early-mid stage companies scale their DevOps to compete? How does their ability to do so impact their employee’s and organizations future? Watch CEO and Founder of CTO.AI, Kyle Campbell, session from DevOps Live 2020: “Building a culture of delivery using lean DevOps”.

Collaborate and innovate at scale with Perforce Software at DevOps Live 2019

Meet Richard Wall and the Perforce Software team at DevOps Live to discover how its tools – including Perforce Helix Core – can help your business collaborate and innovate at scale. DevOps Live returns to the ExCeL London, March 12-13th. DevOps Live and its colocated events attract over 20,000 IT business leaders, decision makers and… Read More

Delivering DevOps in a Legacy World – IT Myth or Reality?

The journey from Fragile to Agile and now DevOps

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