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Leader Talks: Ignacio Velilla, Managing Director, Equinix Spain

We spoke with the Managing Director for Spain, Ignacio Velilla about the impact of coronavirus and the plans Equinix has the for Spanish market.

Microsoft Spain’s Ivete Ferreira Talks Tech INTENSITY and The FUTURE OF CLOUD

The cloud business has accelerated its expansion as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Evidence of this is reflected in Microsoft’s strong Q4 results. To find out more about the tech giant’s plans and its view on the future of Spanish market, Cloud Expo Europe interviewed Ivete Ferreira, Director of Innovation & Cloud Adoption at… Read More

FREEDOM In The Cloud with VMware EMEA CTO Joe Baguley

“Let’s cut through the hype and get to the truth” Joe Baguley, Vice President & CTO – EMEA of VMware, previews his upcoming panel appearance at Cloud Expo Europe’s Virtual Infrastructure Summit, 9 December. Register for the summit: https://bit.ly/33l9kpB Follow Techerati for more Cloud News Linkedin: https://bit.ly/3pohfMr Twitter: https://bit.ly/32FLyEm

How clever will artificial intelligence become? 🤖 Hear from a panel of experts in The Energy Podcast.

How will the world meet growing energy demand while reducing carbon dioxide emissions? How will renewable energy evolve? Will batteries, hydrogen or even blockchain change our lives? The Energy Podcast sets out to explore the options and possible outcomes. Listen and subscribe in your preferred podcast player here.

IBM Garage. Purposeful innovation and transformation with startup speed at enterprise scale

The IBM Garage experience can happen anywhere in the world, from purpose-built dedicated spaces to virtual environments designed to drive the right outcomes. With thousands of digital assets available through the IBM Garage, you have an unprecedented global network to tap into that grows daily Learn more about our practice, startup community, projects, and areas… Read More

Cloud Expo Europe: DC OptiX, Enlighting High-speed Data Center Interconnection

Watch Huawei’s WEU Enterprise Network CTO, Christophe Batiard session from Cloud Expo Europe 2020: “DC OptiX, Enlighting High-speed Data Center Interconnection”

Modernise applications to increase agility with DevOps

What do you do after you’ve started adopting Agile and DevOps principles? This session explains how successful realisation of the value of DevOps emerges from three primary axes: orchestration, quality and governance.

Nine ways to fail at cloud native

Cloud-native is the perfect recipe for innovation, adaptability and engineering excellence – when it goes right. When it’s not right, it can be a monster spaghetti, a quality headache, and frustratingly inflexible. Dr Holly Cummins shares stories about all the ways cloud-native can go wrong (and how to avoid them).

Unlock the full potential of your Cloud with IBM and Red Hat

In a world where the average organisation now utilises over seven discrete Cloud providers, it is becoming ever more critical to ensure that your Cloud strategy is open, portable and secure. In this session understand how the IBM & Red Hat acquisition is enabling organisations to accelerate their move to Chapter 2 of Cloud.

Video: 5G and the Intelligent Edge at Cloud Expo Asia
Is the 5G market ready for mainstream deployments and how much business value can be created for the enterprise by 5G, compared to existing technologies?   At Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong, Techerati caught up with David Turkington, Head of Technology, APAC at GSMA, to learn about the impact of intelligent connectivity at the wireless... Read More

Cloud Expo Asia: Cloud management in the multi-cloud era

How can organizations manage the cloud effectively and future-proof a multi-cloud strategy? Agatha Poon, research director at 451 Research, breaks down the unforeseen complexities of hybrid IT.

Can network automation make your network engineers’ lives easier?

At Cloud Expo Europe 2019 Techerati spoke to Federico Olivieri, network automation engineer at Ticketmaster, to understand more about network automation’s benefits More and more companies are embracing network automation to help solve everyday networking challenges. Thanks to open source tools and DevOps approaches, it is possible to build ad-hoc network telemetry with a simple… Read More

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