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How clever will artificial intelligence become? 🤖 Hear from a panel of experts in The Energy Podcast.

How will the world meet growing energy demand while reducing carbon dioxide emissions? How will renewable energy evolve? Will batteries, hydrogen or even blockchain change our lives? The Energy Podcast sets out to explore the options and possible outcomes. Listen and subscribe in your preferred podcast player here.

Blockchain & GDPR: Facts vs Fiction

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about blockchain and GDPR’s compatibility. According to experts, some of blockchain’s key characteristics, including immutability and transparency, collide headfirst with the EU’s data regulation. However, data protection officer Olga Stepanova believes the two can work in harmony! Speaking at TechWeek Frankfurt, Olga discussed the ways… Read More

The good and bad of blockchain governance with Chorum

Mark Simpson, distinguished engineer at Chorum, on the good and bad of blockchain governance. At Blockchain Technology World, Chorum is sharing what they have learnt about governance on public blockchains and proposing a new set of business models with strong governance and incentivisation. Book your free ticket today: www.tkrt.io/2019 reg Blockchain Technology World, 12-13 March,… Read More

Thanks to SPRXS being creative will never be the same again

Thanks to SPRXS, being creative will never be the same again. SPRXS is a decentralised application architected to operate across public blockchains to create a new idea economy. Anyone can bring an idea to life from their smartphone. Yakeen Prabdialis is Managing Director at fifth9. Pay him and the team a visit at Blockchain Technology… Read More

MarketOrders is using blockchain to ethics-proof gold and diamond transactions

MarketOrders will use blockchain technology to track and transact gold and diamond industries, ensuring buyers know their purchases are ethical. Meet Sukhi Jutla, Co-founder at COO of MarketOrders and the team at Blockchain Technology World, ExCeL London March 12-13 to learn more about this innovative technology layer. Grab your free ticket now: www.tkrt.io/2019reg www.tkrt.io/ #blockchain… Read More

Blockchain could and should be used for something bigger than crypto

The hype around crypto doesn’t do justice for what blockchain, can, should and will be used for, says David Lofts, CEO of EthicalICO Meet Ethical ICO at Blockchain Technology World to learn how it raises funding via crypto-capital markets for projects attached to the social good. Register for BTW now at www.tkrt.io/2019reg David is a Brand… Read More

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