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An interview with Dr Samira Asma of the World Health Organization

Dr Samira talks exclusively with Techerati about the importance of data in navigating health crises, how the World Health Organization has adapted to change during the pandemic and the fundamental importance of collating data relating to life and death.

Leader Talks: Yiftach Shoolman, Co-Founder & CTO at REDIS LABS

Redis Labs Chief Technology Officer Yiftach Shoolman chats to Techerati about upcoming updates to the popular real-time data platform, Andy Jassy’s AWS departure and more. Follow Techerati for more Big Data News. Linkedin: https://bit.ly/3pohfMr​​ Twitter: https://bit.ly/32FLyEm

Big Data World: Alexandre Schneider, CTO at askR.ai

Disruptive Live’s interview with Alexandre Schneider, CTO at askR.ai, from this year’s Big Data World at the London ExCeL.  Co-founder of the first web-based dashboard solution in 2004, Alexandre became Head of Business Intelligence for a famous UK based software group. After 15 years experience in implementing BI solutions and a solid expertise in AI… Read More

How clever will artificial intelligence become? 🤖 Hear from a panel of experts in The Energy Podcast.

How will the world meet growing energy demand while reducing carbon dioxide emissions? How will renewable energy evolve? Will batteries, hydrogen or even blockchain change our lives? The Energy Podcast sets out to explore the options and possible outcomes. Listen and subscribe in your preferred podcast player here.

Interview: Gisli Kr, CCO, Advania Data Centers

Disruptive Live’s interview with Gisli. Kr., Chief Commercial Officer at Advania Data Centers, from this year’s Big Data World at the London ExCeL.  Advania’s high-performance computing services are garnering huge interest among financial and elite sporting firms eager to process data-dense workloads efficiently, and the company is also building a new facility in Stockholm that… Read More

Big Data World, Ryan Chin, Co-founder & CEO, mlytics

Disruptive Live’s interview with Ryan Chin, Co-founder & CEO at mlytics, from this year’s Big Data World at the London ExCeL. 

Big Data World: James Don-Carolis, Managing Director, TrueCue

Disruptive Live’s interview with James Don-Carolis, Managing Director, TrueCue, from this year’s Big Data World at the London ExCeL.  TrueCue was launched by global technology firm Concentra in March. The newly-formed analytics product and services brand wants to challenge the $40 billion dollar cloud data warehousing market.

Unpacking Explainable AI

As AI plays an increasing role in our daily lives trust in AI systems is crucial. Yet, the lack of explainability hampers our ability to fully trust AI systems. At Big Data World Frankfurt, Redouane Boumghar discussed the emerging field of explainable AI and problems within the sector which must be resolved.

Equifax helps organisations unlock the power of data

Speaking to Techerati at Big Data World 2019 in London, data analytics powerhouse Equifax walked us through Ignite, the company’s suite of big data and analytics solutions, that launched in the UK earlier this year It has never been more important to harness an ever-increasing stockpile of data to derive actionable insights. With Ignite from… Read More

Keeping your growing data stockpile safe and secure

At Big Data World London 2019, Alex Alten-Lorenz, chief architect for Global Platform / Technology at EON, discussed big data best practices for the modern enterprise With the proliferation of devices generating data in the IoT era, organisations face fresh challenges over privacy and security. How do we keep this growing mountain of data safe?… Read More

The Art of the Data War, with Umran Rafi

Failure to leverage data insights can mean the extinction of any business, large or small – a battle for survival comparable to war. Umran Rafi, head of digital data at Santander, thinks businesses should seek guidance from ancient military strategist Sun Tzu’s classic ‘The Art of War’ to ensure victory. Strategy, tactics, direction, common vision,… Read More

Innovate UK is central to delivering the UK’s Industrial Strategy

Innovate UK drives productivity and economic growth by supporting businesses to develop and realise the potential of new innovations and ideas in AI, big data and more. Next Wednesday, at AI Tech World Zoe Webster, Director of AI and Data Economy at Innovate UK will outline a number of cutting-edge AI and data applications and… Read More

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