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A video interview with James Hunter of IBM DevOps

Published Tue 19 Apr 2022

In early March, Techerati caught up with IBM Head of DevOps, James Hunter, following his keynote at Tech Show London.

We wanted to interview James to learn more about the burgeoning (but often mysterious) sector of DevOps and how it can be used optimally within corporate organisations such as IBM.

Particularly striking was James’ reference to family and the importance of ‘quality values’ that can be tracked as a family of professionals grows. He says: ‘DevOps can sometimes be understood as a series of disparate conversations that can happen among people moving in the same direction.’ He also emphasises the breadth of skills needed in this exploding discipline – ‘it involves experts in industry, stakeholders and a push for more and different skills.’

Interestingly, we also touched on cultural differences and which, although present in the regulatory systems of different countries, are standardised by the applied processes of the field.

One touchpoint of these processes was the need for automation and AI as teams expand, and the necessity of examining both code and product for unconscious bias – the formation of a team also being integral to this approach.

Of the interesting challenges mentioned in this interview, James cites ‘legacy coding’ – historic coding used within an organisation and building on it in the right way from a ‘science and people’ perspective.

When considering the future of DevOps, James stresses the fast rate at which this area is evolving: ‘we’re at an interesting stage of maturity…where value-stream management is at the centre of activities – we have a programme called velocity which makes that connection between the data visible. Over the next few years, more companies creating DevOps will be freed up by automation.’

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