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Blockchain-based eSport game launches presale

Thu 2 Aug 2018

Blockchain eSports

The world’s first blockchain-based eSport game, Gods Unchained, has begun presale of trading cards that are used in gameplay.

The game uses a unique hybrid system, combining on-chain and off-chain activities to help reduce congestion on the blockchain network. Gods Unchained is a card-based battle game, similar to the IRL trading-card favorite ‘Magic: the Gathering.’

Cards are purchased and traded on the Etherium blockchain, certifying ownership and ensuring the scarcity and value of the cards. The game itself, however, is played outside of the main blockchain network.

With this design, the company intends to avoid the congestion and traffic delay issues that have been problematic for other blockchain games, such as Cryptokitties or Fuel Games’ previous venture, Etherbots.

In a recent interview, Fuel Games co-founder and COO Robbie Ferguson explained:

“Although all the cards are immutably stored on Ethereum, players in Gods Unchained will only ever initiate transactions on the network when they want to purchase new cards or transfer their existing ones. All other events in the game will run off-chain, allowing gameplay to be indistinguishable from other games that don’t employ distributed ledgers while concurrently permitting millions of users to play without noticeably weighing down the network.”

While traditional cards are available for free, Gods Unchained also offers exclusive card decks in several categories: Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Shiny Legendary. Purchasing a deck offers players the chance to find a one-of-a-kind Mythic card: only four are created per year, and can the potential dollar value for sale to another player can reach tens of thousands.

Gods Unchained differs from other blockchain-based games in its hybrid design, as well as in its presentation as a competitive eSport. The creator, Fuel Games, intends to use 10% of the proceeds from the presale cards to fund a World Championship grand prize. The company’s goal is to reach a $1.6 million Grand Prize for the World Championship competition scheduled for early next year. Currently, the prize stands at $260,000.

To prepare for the World Championship, game players can join in free Battle Royale tournaments each week, for recognition and prizes.


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