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Sharia-compliant web browser launched in Malaysia

Fri 20 May 2016

Dubbed the ‘Salam Browser’, a new web browser has been launched in Malaysia that claims to filter out content that does not adhere to Islamic restrictions. According to the website, it “enables web browsing that helps maintain purity of your heart and benefits your values.” The Salam Browser gives users a warning when arriving at a site that contains potentially offensive content, and blocks other content entirely.

The Chrome-based browser, which intends to provide ‘internet security in line with your ethics, privacy, and security needs’ helps its users adhere to lslamic adab in three different ways. First, it helps users avoid haram (things that are forbidden by Islamic law) by providing alerts to potentially offensive content on more than 1.4 million websites. It also blocks content including pornography and violence from image and video search results.

salaam-protectSecond, the Salam Browser allows one-click submission for users to blacklist sites with offensive content. Users who come across sites that have slipped through the browser restrictions can use a one-click notification to alert the company, thereby protecting other users from accessing harmful content.

Finally, a built-in VPN protects user privacy by disguising geolocation and blocking data tracking of users, thereby protecting their personal and financial information.

In addition to the Shariah compliance offered by the new browser, SBRO Safety solutions, the Malaysia-based web security company that created the Salam Browser, also claims that using the Salam Browser will provide additional benefits, based on the Google Chromium technology used to build it. Using their browser can result in faster data speeds and downloads, including music and video from YouTube, and speed loading of web pages. The browser also helps to block spam, and provides an additional layer of security for a safer online experience.

While the browser is still in beta, the creators have promised bi-weekly updates, and some of the browser functionalities are available for download as standalone extensions in the Chrome Web Store. These extensions currently maintain a 4.5/5 star rating with over 250,000 users to date.



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