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Anonymous claims Greece hack: is UK next?

Wed 4 May 2016

Hacker group Anonymous began what it warns will be a thirty-day campaign against central banking sites around the globe with an attack on the central bank of Greece. The group named this Operation Icarus Phase 2. The statement reviving Operation Icarus in 2016 is almost identical to the original Operation Icarus statement from 2011 with one major exception: the new video names the Bank of England as a specific target, along with the New York Stock Exchange.

On March 31, 2016 Anonymous released a video on YouTube, announcing the revival of Operation Icarus. The text of this message was almost identical to that of the 2011 announcement of Operation Icarus phase 1, with one major change: in three different areas, where the NYSE was named as a target, the phrase “and the Bank of England” was added. For example, in March 2011 Anonymous asked, “But where does the power behind the throne lie? Within the global financial system, centered within the New York Stock Exchange.” In the 2016 video, at approximately 1:50, they say “But where does the power behind the throne lie? Within the global financial system, centered within the New York Stock Exchange, and Bank of England.”

The original Operation Icarus started in March of 2011, when they targeted the New York Stock Exchange and other global financial entities. They may have been involved in an episode in July 2011, when NYSE computers were taken offline just after a tweet from the group warned of trouble; although at that time the Department of Homeland Security blamed the issue on technical problems, stating that there were no signs of malicious activity. Operation Icarus was also the name Anonymous used to mobilize followers to join Occupy Wall Street in September 2011.

A YouTube video posted by Anonymous two days ago said that there would be a “revival of operation Icarus” noting “how fitting that Icarus should return to Greece” and that “Olympus would fall.” The central bank of Greece confirmed that it had been hit today with a denial-of-service attack.

A Bank of Greece official who declined to be named said, “The attack lasted for a few minutes and was successfully tackled by the bank’s security systems. The only thing that was affected by the denial-of-service attack was our website.”

Anonymous noted in their statement that this denial of service attack represented a revival of Operation Icarus. In their YouTube video of May 2, 2016 claiming responsibility for the attack, the group said, “”This marks the start of a 30-day campaign against central bank sites across the world.” Anonymous has previously been associated with various social and economic causes, including most recently the ‘total war’ they declared on presidential hopeful Donald Trump.


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