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Tesla Model X bug leaves some owners unable to open or close falcon doors

Thu 21 Apr 2016

Tesla Model X

As Tesla rolls out its all-electric Model X, so too has it gifted new owners with a plethora of bugs including malfunctioning seating and climate control glitches.

However, one of the bigger concerns seems to be the faulty falcon-wing doors, which for some drivers will not open, or close.

Reports from disgruntled owners have emerged this week, including the experience of one Tesla Model X owner who paid $138,000 for the vehicle only to find out it wouldn’t let him in – the doors jammed shut. Another Model X owner reported experiencing the opposite problem – his car’s falcon-wing doors refused to close. Later the doors failed to sense an overhang, bumping into it and leaving a minor dent in the car.

Other new owners were encouraged to report their issues, with many taking to social media. One tweet by cloud venture capitalist Byron Deeter explained how his driver and passenger windows will not close, and that the vehicle’s emergency brake goes off when backing up.

In a Fortune interview published yesterday, Deeter argued that despite these issues, he remains a big fan of Tesla. He explained that is Model X “had a handful of what I’d call acceptable tech glitches early on, like the falcon-wing doors not always detecting that I was ready for them to open… But in the past couple of days it’s gotten to where I think there are safety and usability issues.

“This is a huge reminder that 99% complete software isn’t sufficient when it comes to moving people.”

Tesla sales and service president Jon McNeill told the Wall Street Journal [paywalled] that the falcon-wing door errors are “largely behind us.” When the first glitches became apparent earlier in April, Tesla blamed its own ‘hubris’ and ambition for the production problems.


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