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Amazon expands in Europe after record-setting holiday sales

Fri 22 Jan 2016

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In a press release today online retail superstore Amazon announced that it would add several thousand jobs in Europe in 2016.

Amazon, which already employs 40,000 people in Europe, added 10,000 of those jobs in 2015 alone. The company plans to continue investing in Europe to increase its network and research and development in Europe, as well as building new infrastructure and potentially expanding the range of services offered in the region.

2016 will see an estimated 2,500 new jobs for Amazon at their headquarters in London, completed six months ago and other areas in the UK, including the new AWS datacenter, the third for the company in Europe.

Xavier Garambois, Vice President of Amazon EU Retail, credited a combination of growing customer demand and opportunity for new business with the plan for new jobs in 2016.  “We created over 10,000 new jobs in 2015 and plan to create several thousand more in 2016 at all education, experience and skill levels, from speech and linguistic scientists to digital media experts to fulfilment centre and customer service associates.” Amazon also plans to continue with their Career Choice program, where Amazon pays up to 95% of tuition and fees for adult education at accredited institutions. Over 1,000 employees of Amazon Europe have used the program to date.

Roy Perticucci, Vice President Operations, Amazon EU stated, “We are proud to offer great jobs for people who already have the skills we’re looking for and to help develop people who want to add new skills through our innovative programs like Career Choice. We’re planning to add thousands of new jobs in all areas across our European Fulfilment Network in 2016 as we ramp up to meet increased demand from customers and invent in new areas.” New areas could include services that are currently offered by Amazon in other areas of the world, including their grocery delivery service (Amazon Fresh) and restaurant delivery (Prime Now), announced yesterday to have launched in Chicago.

This announcement is welcome news for investors troubled by the company’s recent EU tax problems. Amazon is currently being investigated for tax agreements that they, along with many other large companies, had with Luxembourg. Amazon stopped funneling sales through Luxembourg and began booking revenue in the individual countries in which sales are made back in May 2015 they were required to appear before EU lawmakers last November as part of an ongoing tax and antitrust investigation.


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