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Facebook searches for love from its user-base

Fri 15 Jan 2016

Facebook is tracking its users to see whether they think that it cares about them. In addition to metric tracks such as MAU (Monthly Active Users) or DAU (Daily Active Users) tracked by internet companies , CAU assesses how much people think that Facebook “Cares About Us”.

Business Insider reports that during the last two years, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made CAU a greater priority. Facebook has achieved this in a number of ways. These include asking for feedback on the site, such as opinions on the stories its algorithms reveal.

CAU boosts have also occurred during the Ice Bucket challenge or in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris in November 2015. The latter example involved the activation of a Safety Check feature in which members could inform friends and family that they were safe and well.

However, there has still been criticism over some of the CAU applications. The report says that employees have wondered whether Facebook has gone a little too far with its bids to boost CAU – for example, the ‘Have A Good Day’ messages that crop up in news feeds.

Questions have also been raised as to why the Safety Check facility did not apply after the bomb blast in Beirut. Mark Zuckerberg responded by asserting that while this feature was originally only supposed to apply to natural disasters, it had just been changed to apply to human disasters following the Paris attacks.

With respect to the Free Basics neutrality debate (in particular, the criticism that Facebook had violated net neutrality principles in which only those who could afford full access to certain services such as news, travel and jobs), the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has also argued that Facebook had either overstated its users’ messages of support by 5.8 times or that 9.1 million responses were never received.

But there has been a positive reaction from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. The Index’s survey in July 2015 found that out of all the social media outlets, Facebook was the one that was the most improved. The ACSI score had grown by 12% to 75, which was ahead of the industry average. The findings also showed that stock was also up more than 15% since early 2015 and that shares returned over


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