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Windows 10 upgrades are being forced on some users

Thu 15 Oct 2015

It seems that the initially very well-received offer of a free upgrade to Windows 10 is fast becoming an offer you can’t refuse – at least for some users. The creator of Windows 10 utility GWX Control Panel, which gives Windows 10 users the ability to silence some of Microsoft’s more persistent in-system nagging about upgrading, has observed recently that some users have been ‘positioned’ by the Windows Update process into a situation where even the special anti-upgrade software cannot stop the process.

With the legend ‘It’s almost time for your upgrade’, Windows Update presents the user with a count-down dialogue that only permits them to reschedule the upgrade process, not to cancel it. In response to the typical user question as to whether or not it is possible for GWX users to stop the syndrome, programmer Josh Mayfield writes ‘At this time, no. Specifically, if you are seeing either of the following screens, it means that Microsoft has pushed your PC into a state that GWX Control Panel currently is not able to reverse:’



The second of the two images shows all content in the Windows control panel blocked by the upgrade notice.

In September Microsoft was taken to task for downloading Windows 10 onto the machines of users running previous Windows versions, to speed up the install process. Criticism centred around the fact that this upgrade was included as part of ‘patch Tuesday’, wherein Redmond pushes critical updates to Windows, including items that have been patched against zero day exploits.

The GWX Control Panel was created initially to give legacy Windows users some control over Microsoft’s increasingly insistent in-OS advertising about the availability of Windows 10 (and the company has come in for further criticism today for the inclusion of advertisements for apps in build 10565 of Windows 10).


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