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A drone firing a gun: so this is what all the regulation is about

Thu 16 Jul 2015


Whenever you wonder why it’s going to take an average of five years for the private sector to jump through a labyrinthine gauntlet of regulation boards to get the same kind of drone-use permits that government authorities can just grant to their own departments, take another look at this video, which has come into the public spotlight today:

How about that recoil?

As others have noticed, the floating firepower on the gun-firing drone on display here is a little reminiscent of the nascent SkyNet kill-drones from Terminator 3:Rise Of The Machines (2003).

The customised drone appears to be the work of Hogwit, who comments frequently in drone forums. He posted this video first on Reddit, to the stark amazement of the select commenters, one of whom raised the issue of whether the drone creator possesses an FFL 07/SOT – a federal firearms license, which costs $2250 p/a and puts the registrant the right side of the edicts in the United States Munitions List [PDF].

Though there is no verification for it, a later commenter speculates that the gun in the video is being fired by a solenoid trigger, which if true would put the weapon in an entirely different ‘automatic’ class reserved for press-once/spray-all-day ordinance such as machine guns. If so, it is possible the ATF will want a word on the matter.


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