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Wipro eyes new ‘Boundaryless’ data centre, Mobile Consumer Analytics and Quantified Cyber Risk solutions

Tue 3 Mar 2015

In a positive blizzard of new developments, Bengaluru–based tech giant Wipro Limited (Western India Products Limited) has announced the extension into new geographic markets of a VMware-powered Boundary Less [sic] Data Center Solution (BLDC), a new Mobile Consumer Analytics partnership with Big Data Analytics solution provider Flytxt, and a new initiative against cyber-threats with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The company’s BLDC solution is being rolled out in partnership with unnamed concerns in Bangalore, London and New Jersey (USA), and offers an ‘innovative IT transformational approach’ towards a SDDC solution for scalable and hybrid IT.

The reference architecture to be employed in BLDC employs a suite of VMware solutions including vSphere, Virtual SAN, vRealize and NSX. The service is now available at Wipro’s US and European data centre locations and in customers’ on-premise DC solutions. The unspecified ‘new geographies’ that Wipro is seeking to expand into will have the opportunity to see proof-of-concept and use cases from the company’s Indian and US-based ‘Centers of Excellence’.

The company, capitalised at $26.3bn (circa £17.1bn) and employing 154,297 people across 61 countries, is also newly engaged in a partnership with the World Economic Forum aimed at developing a cyber value-at-risk (VAR) framework to enable business entities and organisations to develop threat assessment solutions. “The cyber VAR concept suggests that organisations actively consider aspects like value of their assets, profile of attackers and the existing security posture, as they build their cyber risk models,” said WEF Partnering for Cyber Resilience Manager Elena Kvochko.

Wipro Head Corporate Business Development R Guha said “While the Cyber VAR framework can be applied across all industries, this has specific relevance to sectors that involve sensitive personal data such as financial services, healthcare and retail and those involving critical national infrastructure, including the transportation and energy sectors,” and added “Through this framework, we have been able to help our customers quantify their threats, prioritize business assets and assist them in directing their investments towards better risk mitigation,”

Finally Wipro has announced a partnership with Flytxt, a Mobile marketing company based in Thiruvananthapuram, capital of the Indian state of Kerala. The company, founded in 2008, claims a 2-7% increase in economic value for its telecoms customers, and vaunts two Big Data analytics products called Neon and QREDA, the latter of which employs consumer ‘Fingerprinting’ which takes into consideration mobile-exclusive data such as behavior, social characteristics, psychographics, demography, context and location.

“We are pleased and excited about this partnership with Wipro,” said Flytxt’s Group CEO Dr. Vinod Vasudevan. “This partnership increases the reach of Flytxt’s advanced analytics solutions with proven business benefits to the global communications and media industry.”


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