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Google under scrutiny over Europe-only “right to be forgotten” move

Fri 25 Jul 2014

News agency Reuters is reporting that Google is under fire from EU data protection regulators over its handing of “right to be forgotten” requests.

In May the EU ruled that European citizens had the right to have search links to articles removed if the information was no longer relevant. But Google restricted the removal of links to its European sites only so the material could still be found using a different Google site.

“Privacy experts say Google’s removal of results from only European domains effectively defeats the purpose of the ruling,” says the article.

It says Google has so far approved more than half of roughly 90,000 incoming requests, sought additional information in about 15% of cases, and rejected around 30% of them, according to a source close to the company.

The EU is reviewing the implementation of the ruling and it is expected to produce a draft set of guidelines by mid-September.


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